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A busy few months.

To say that the last few months have been busy is an understatement.  Between our two Team Building companies; Tailored Team Building and Corporate Amazing Race, we have racked up some air miles, had a few late nights in the office, designed some new games and events and most importantly, had lots of fun!

The largest:
The biggest Amazing Race we ran was 330 school students and teachers, across three schools, through The Rocks in Sydney. This race was a heavily tailored version of our Amazing Race to suit the students. Added to the fun was the fact that the day we ran the race was also the day where three different unions held strikes and marches through the city. When 330 people disembarked a bus at a park in the Rocks, police came from three different directions to see what was going on!  Once we explained what was happening, the police stayed and watched and event helped score the first challenge!

The smallest:
In the last months, we have designed and run several Amazing Races with only 4 – 6 participants.  Two teams of two gets very competitive! Our record for the smallest race is only two people total!

The furthest distance:
This can be interpreted in a couple of different ways.  We have organised and hosted a few different races recently where the participants are given Opal or Mykey cards at the beginning of the race and need to cover larger distances using public transport. This brings a whole different strategy into the race.  We design it so that the teams arrive at a checkpoint and then need to get across the harbour, river or city and need to make a choice on the fastest way. We purposely give this challenge to teams in a position where there are two or three options from their location.

The other way to interpret the “Furthest distance” is running a single race but across multiple cities at the same time.  Tailored Team Building was approached to plan an Amazing Race for several offices in the same company. However the offices were in three different cities.  We designed a race that started at the same time, involved the same distances and including the same challenges, with the extra element of clues and puzzles that teams had to face time other teams in other cities to get the answer to!

Gearing up for the Christmas period we have bookings for new courses and events in Sydney, Parramatta, The Hunter Valley, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Hobart and a couple of very remote inland areas!

Where do you want to race?