Corporate Travel

A How to Guide to Corporate Travel

Welcome aboard to Corporate Travel—Tailored Team Building style. The in-flight entertainment includes Kerri not so subtly attempting to steal extra wine from the trolley and Emily’s apparent narcolepsy striking at any given moment on Jonathan’s shoulder. Buckle up! We are about to navigate the skies of TTB travel—a how-to Guide to Corporate Travel—or perhaps a how-not-to guide.


  1. Airport Shenanigans

Picture this: Sydney traffic got us again and we are running late for bag drop. After jumping out of the car with the luggage, we are wheeling through the airport in Mario Kart style, attempting to get to the bag drop before the cutoff. This is your own Amazing Race, which needs team building when you have an impromptu race to drop off your bags within 45 seconds. Every man (and woman) for themselves dips and dives through the excited holiday crowds. We made it! But then we wake the next day to find Kerri has a slipped disc from the airport chaos and can no longer partake in any travel plans.


  1. Status Point Rivalry

Ahhh the mystical realm of Qantas Gold or Platinum status, where the air is thinner, and the complimentary wine tastes like victory. Life during travel takes on a whole new dimension for those soaring in these elite skies. Meanwhile, the rest of us, mere mortals (me included), navigate the airport maze and food court with feet firmly planted on solid ‘silver’ ground. We pay $21 for a glass of wine and $40 for a burger. For those lucky enough to have friends with benefits (no, not that kind), you may slip into the lounge and pretend that you are holier than thou and push down those feelings of imposter syndrome.


  1. Where are we going today?!

As a company that services Australia and New Zealand we are often travelling to various cities and regional areas that we have never been. It certainly makes it fun! This also makes for some interesting itineraries! Kerri and I recently travelled from Sydney to Auckland, Auckland to Brisbane and then back to Sydney in the space of 30 hours, in 3 different time zones, we hosted 4 Amazing Races! Insane you may say? FUN is what we say! Thank god for airport lounge showers!


  1. Hotel Roulette

The thrill of finding out where Kerri has booked your accommodation. Sometimes it’s slim pickings in the world of Air-BNB and we are forced to make the hard decisions. During a somewhat memorable trip to Auckland,  we had a 3-bedroom apartment but sadly one of those bedrooms was surrounded by clear glass. After a brief ‘discussion’, Jonathan agreed that he would take it. Because afterall, Kerri books the accomodation, she gets the master. I am the newbie, so I get the 2nd bedroom and sadly Jonathan is often left with the dud.


  1. Zoom Call Chaos

‘Which one of us is taking this client zoom call that starts in 2 minutes?!’ Bellows Kerri as you’re about to walk out the door to breakfast. Who needs a quiet office for conference calls when you can have the soothing sounds of hotel elevators or distant sirens as your background music? It’s a symphony of chaos, where the only thing louder than the meeting agenda is the toddler screaming on the hotel lobby floor. Those meetings don’t stop just because you’re in a different time zone or happen to be in the middle of the street. Out comes the laptop and cue the professional voice!


In the end, corporate travel is NOT just about business – it’s about creating memories, forging inside jokes, and discovering hidden talents within your work family (my narcolepsy being quite a notable achievement). So, here’s to jet-setting with colleagues who make business trips feel like a sitcom pilot: entertaining, slightly unpredictable, and always worth the watch! So whether your business trips are like ours, you are bound to have fun if you follow our How to Guide for Corporate Travel.


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A Guide to Corporate Travel