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If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we all need the ability to communicate and play together — even when we can’t get together. At Tailored Team Building, we’ve made the most of our time locked away to push technology boundaries and develop games and virtual team building activities your whole team can enjoy together, no matter where in the world they are.

Create bonds and celebrate with Tailored Team Building’s virtual team building activities

As more and more workplaces move to hybrid models and embrace work from home, creating opportunities for your team to bond and form connections is important, even when they can’t be in the same physical space.

We’ve designed our virtual team building activities to help you create real networking opportunities, work together to build better connections, and, most importantly, have fun! Discover our range of virtual team building activities to suit any workplace online.

Online Events

Online Play-Anytime Escape Room, Online Escape Rooms by Tailored Team Building

Give all your team members a chance to shine with an all-rounder escape room activity. Team members meet in Zoom breakout rooms and use their skills and strengths to escape in time. Suitable for organisations from 6 people to 6,000!

Online Trivia by Tailored Team Building

Assemble your movie buffs, sports fanatics and statisticians for a hosted trivia competition that’s fun for teams of all ages, sizes and skills. Choose a one-off event or an ongoing tournament to give your remote team a regular team building touchpoint that culminates in a thrilling final!

Online Survivor by Tailored Team Building

Ready to outwit and outlast the other tribe? This virtual team building activity takes the well-loved format and divides your workplace into two tribes that will be tested with a range of Survivor-style challenges. Over the next two to three hours, you’ll discover who has the skills and teamwork to win the day.

Online Murder Mystery by Tailored Team Building

Get ready for an immersive online experience and uncover the most brilliant detectives in your organisation! Our murder mystery simulation uses real actors and amazing 360º photos to create a crime scene with clues waiting to be discovered.

Online Game Show by Tailored Team Building

Get ready to recreate your favourite family game shows with a fully hosted experience that puts your teams in the centre of the action! Taking cues from Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud and The Price is Right, your team will compete for the coveted winner’s trophy while enjoying plenty of laughs and a drink or two.

Online hosted Escape Room by Tailored Team Building

Recreate all the fun of a real escape room with this hosted virtual team building activity. You and your colleagues will be sorted into teams and unleashed on the mysteries of our award-winning escape room, with a Games Master on hand to point you in the right direction.

Online Cocktail classes by Tailored Team Building

The perfect immersive activity if your team can’t meet up IRL for drinks and networking fun. Simply choose your favourite cocktails from our menu, wait for your professional cocktail-making kits to arrive, and then join us on Zoom for a guided class that will take you from mediocre to mixologist in no time!

Online Amazing Race by Tailored Team Building

No need for passports here. Take a virtual whirlwind trip around the globe and race against your opposing teams in an online adventure activity that will get pulses racing.