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Why settle for dull and uninspiring team building sessions? Improve teamwork and boost morale with outdoor team building activities tailored to your needs!

At Tailored Team Building, we customise activities and events based on your unique goals. Whether you’re looking for small group games or full-scale, multi-day, on-location conference planning and hosting, count on us to design the perfect activity for your team!

A refreshing pace

Being outdoors can be a refreshing change from the daily office environment. With our outdoor team building activities, your entire team will certainly leave feeling more productive and motivated than ever before.

We are lucky enough to live in Australia, where we enjoy the outdoor activities more than anywhere else in the world. At Tailored Team Building, we do everything we can to take advantage of this wonderful access to the outdoors with a variety of team activities, enjoyed in the fresh air.

While we cannot guarantee the weather, we are luckier than most countries. However rest assured, we still watch the weather forecast leading up to your event and always have a backup plan – just in case.

Choose from Amazing Races, Outdoor Olympics and sports themed events, Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts as well as a range of Survivor, Mystery and Spy Races and more — Australia and New Zealand-wide.

Team building activities are not one-size-fits-all

At Tailored Team Building, we recognise that every team has different objectives. That’s why our races, games and challenges are not only enjoyable but are also carefully created and well-researched with clear outcomes.

Our team removes all the stress involved in team building planning, so you can focus on having a grand time! 

Discover the benefits of our thrilling team building activities

Outdoor team building activities are more than just a break from the daily office routine. They also offer numerous benefits that can help your team achieve better outcomes and reach new heights:

  • Improved creativity, conflict resolution management and problem-solving skills
  • Enhanced communication and decision-making abilities
  • A deeper understanding of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Effective leadership development opportunities
  • Good old fashioned Team Fun

With Tailored Team Building, you can expect a memorable and productive experience for your entire team.

Fuel your team spirit with Tailored Team Building

Take your team to the next level and have fun in the great outdoors! From adventurous challenges to creative problem-solving games, choose from a variety of activities that can be tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us now to start planning your team’s next adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered! We can reschedule events to a more suitable day or we can find an indoor venue to host a fun Game Show type event. Either way, we’ll make sure your entire team will have a blast!

Our outdoor team building activities involve a lot of fun and movement. We suggest bringing a hat, sunscreen, a weather jacket and water. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that enable you to move around freely.

It’s also best to leave any heavy items at home. You don’t want to tire yourself quickly by lugging around a heavy bag. We want you to have a stress-free time, so pack light and focus on having a great time with your team!

At Tailored Team Building, we want everyone to have an enjoyable and comfortable time.

You don’t have to be a fitness junkie to participate in our outdoor team building activities. We’ve designed our games and challenges to suit everyone, regardless of their fitness level.

As long as you’re comfortable with a moderate walking pace, you’re more than fit to participate in any of our outdoor challenges!