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Case Study: Ready Grad Amazing Race



Readygrad is Australia’s Leading Graduate Employability Specialist. They provide services that help capable and ambitious graduates find internships and employment, and employers and recruiters to engage and develop emerging talent. Readygrad boosts employability for graduates, and retention for employers. Employers who have benefitted from Readygrad’s services include some of Australia’s biggest and best known corporates, such as Qantas, Pilbara Minerals, Vocus and NAB.

Team Building in PerthInductions with a sprinkle of magic

One of Readygrad’s most widely used services is to support corporations with developing and delivering graduate induction programs – ensuring that graduates have an engaging introduction to the company, and a positive start to their first job after education. Readygrad’s clients want induction programs that not only impart information, but that also give the graduates a sense of belonging, self-knowledge, and a strong team spirit. They also want to ensure that the first experience the graduates have in their company includes a large dose of fun.

That’s where Readygrad brings in Tailored Team Building. ‘Tailored Team Building offers the perfect complement to our services’, says Rohan Holland, co-founder of Readygrad, and its Graduate and Employability Programs Manager. ‘We specialise in graduate programs and inductions, and Tailored Team Building are experts in designing and running team building events. We develop the program, and Tailored Team Building adds a sprinkle of magic.’

‘Our graduate induction programs take the graduates through a journey of understanding themselves, each other, and their teams’, explains Rohan, ‘and TTB’s team building events are a terrific way to put the theory into practice. They create a shared experience, a bond and a really memorable start to the graduate’s journey with the employer.’

The Corporate Amazing Race

For Readygrad’s clients, Tailored Team Building runs their signature Corporate Amazing Race. Loosely based on the TV Show, this event sees teams solving clues and completing challenges as they race between checkpoints.

Tailored Team Building meets the graduates at the start point, divides them into teams and explains the event. The teams are given a clue to help them find the next checkpoint, and once they get there, they must complete a challenge before getting the clue to the next stop along the route. TTB staff are at every checkpoint, to hand out clues, set the challenges and ensure that everything is running smoothly, and everyone is having fun.

The typical Corporate Amazing Race takes place on foot over a 3-5km local route but is 100% tailorable to exactly what each company needs, and set in their local environment, such as in and around the head office for Qantas in Sydney.

Team Building in PerthComplementing the Readygrad program – with fun and competition

Rohan sees the TTB event as an integral and essential part of the induction program: ‘The race helps to build team understanding and cohesion’, he says, ‘as well as adding the important social element and fun in what can otherwise be a daunting day or week. What we notice is a look on the graduates’ faces. It’s as if they’re thinking: ‘I’m taking part in a training day, but this is such fun.’

‘The race also brings out the graduates’ competitive juices’, Rohan adds. ‘They are very invested in the game and really want to win. It brings people together as a group almost instantly. It gets graduates mingling and getting to know each other, but with so much more value than simply going for a meal or a drink. It’s fun, and it’s also linked to self-awareness and team building.’

For Readygrad, the TTB Corporate Amazing Race is a valuable addition to their offering to corporate clients. ‘It’s a huge complement to what we deliver, is completely interlocked with our program, and extends the attractiveness of our offering’, confirms Rohan. ‘It helps us to give our clients what they’re looking for – they love it, it’s very different, and provides a great anchor for the end of the day.

Flexibility, energy and knowledge

In summing up why the TTB Corporate Amazing Race makes such a difference to Readygrad, Rohan says: ‘TTB are so flexible and adaptable – they tailor each event to the individual client. They have huge energy, and that transmits itself to the graduate participants. Above all, because TTB are such experts at what they do, the events are something we don’t need to worry about. I just provide Kerri with the time, location and dates, and know that they will just run with it. I love the fact that we can tap into their knowledge and experience. I totally trust them because they know what they’re doing.’