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Leadership workshop

Well…here we are again. We have managed to stumble, drink & eat our own weight in food over the silly season only to find ourselves at the beginning of another year. By now a lot of people are truly ready to ship the kids back to school (I know mine already has his school bag […]


Using public transport in your Amazing Race

At Tailored Team Building we LOOOOVVVEEEE coming up with different & unique events & challenges. To be honest, thats exactly why we called ourselves ‘Tailored Team Building’ in the first place. So we get quite excited when clients ring us wanting to include something a little different in their Amazing Races in particular.  To date, […]


Why communication is important in the workplace

Imagine a workplace without communication – it would be like a team of synchronised swimmers wearing blindfolds! Sure, it might be entertaining for a while, but it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Communication is the glue that holds an office together, much like coffee is the glue that holds together early morning meetings. Without it, […]

Planning the ultimate staff Christmas Party

Have you been tasked with planning this years staff Christmas party & generally don’t know where to even begin? Well, hopefully these handy hints will help steer you in the right direction.  We completely understand that planning the work functions can be a daunting task. There’s certain expectations that need to be met…the pressure is […]


How we plan our events

“Where’s the start point for your Rocks course?”, “Where do you always finish your races?” Or “We aren’t located in the CBD – can we still host an amazing race?”  These are questions we hear all the time when talking to potential clients about their upcoming team building days. The simple answer to all these […]


August 2023

Well we were quite busy throughout August & had the honour of hosting 38 events in 10 different cities across Australia & New Zealand. We helped bond over 1,769 people in August alone. We hosted events like the Amazing Race, Survivor, Brick Masters & our popular Spy Race. We are also very proud to announce […]

AHRI Conference

We recently attended the AHRI conference in Brisbane & it was amazing! For the past few months we have been planning our little Tailored Team Building booth & getting quite excited at the possibility of meeting so many amazing HR professionals….and boy did we!!!  So, the time finally came for us to pack up our […]

From the mouths of our hosts: Jade!

I have the dream job. No, not a swashbuckling space cowboy. something better. I’m a member of the Tailored Team Building Family, and that means a job of excitement, of intrigue and endless adventure. A job the likes of which lets me shine from every ounce of my potential. From fitness to puzzles and incorporating […]

What happens if it rains on my parade?

Even though we live in Australia & are quite lucky with the weather, most of the time….unless you live in Melbourne (sorry I had to go there). However, mother nature is unfortunately totally out of our control & so when she decides to open up the heavens the team at Tailored Team Building needs to […]

How team building improves performance

We’ve all worked in those companies / businesses that make you do team building & in most cases you wish the carpet would swallow you up! We’ve been there too. However, trust us when we say there is a reason for team building events & activities, and we are finding it even more important post […]