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Pre-2020, going to work meant exactly that – going to work. Being in the office, with colleagues. But as we all know, the workplace has changed since then. Employees had a period of enforced separation from team-mates and colleagues, and jumping on a video call from home became second nature. Teams got used to doing everything via a screen, and remote working very quickly became the norm. There are, of course, many benefits to working from home (not least avoiding the rush hour traffic!) – so much so, that some employees would love things to stay that way.

The downsides of remote work

But there are also downsides to being remote, and the lockdown had a mental health impact, with levels of distress in Aussies higher at the end of 2020 than in the heady days of freedom at the start of the same year. One of the things that the pandemic really reinforced was the incredible value of meeting face to face with team mates. Maybe not every day, but at least some of the time. Many employers understand this, so have gone for a hybrid working environment, where staff must come in for a certain number of days per week. The Australian HR Institute found that 48% of employers ask staff to be in the office for between 3 and 5 days a week, and the most popular approach (32% of all companies surveyed) is having staff in for 3 days a week.

The upsides of face to face

So just what are the benefits of in-person working, which are driving teams back into the office? Here’s what we hear from talking to teams across Australia and New Zealand:

  1. Better working experience – having in-person, face to face contact with colleagues just makes work more enjoyable. We all need human contact, and getting that at work makes people feel less isolated, more connected and generally happier in their role.
  2. Better relationships – yes, you can do a lot on video calls, and build some form of relationship. But the best relationships of all are those that are built by being in the same place. That’s when the magic really happens. It’s where loyalty and trust are forged, and relationships grow from co-worker to team-mate to friend.
  3. Greater engagement – staff who are physically in the room tend to be more involved and engaged. We hear this all the time from clients, and it’s backed up by a Bain and Company study that found that ‘teams that regularly meet in person are more likely to be engaged, perform better, and have higher levels of job satisfaction.’
  4. Effective communication – communication is about so much more than the words that are spoken. When colleagues meet face to face, they are much more likely to pick up on the non-verbal communication cues, such as facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures and body language. Let’s face it, anything from the shoulder down simply can’t be seen on a screen (meetings in track suit bottoms anyone?). When we meet with the whole person, communication is taken to another level – essential when leaders need to be sure that everyone understands the goals and is on the same page.
  5. Focus on people – last but definitely not least, let’s not forget the distractions that creep in when we’re trying to work with people through a screen. It’s all too easy to get side tracked when someone is talking – you think you’ll just check your email, you’re distracted by your own appearance, or you’re working out how to put a comment in the chat or share your screen. When the technology (great as it is) is removed, teams can only focus on the others in the room.

So as you can see there are at least five great reasons to engage in person with colleagues. And remember, face to face meetings don’t have to be in the office or round a table. Getting out and having fun together is important too.

So don’t just get together formally – build in informal, fun activities such as the team building events from Tailored Team Building. Your team will reap the benefits!


‘There’s no I in team’ – but there sure are benefits for individuals. Check out the four biggest plusses of team building.

‘There’s no I in team’ goes the mantra – and it’s true, teams are all about collaboration, working together and the group rather than the individual. The ‘no I in team’ philosophy means that egos and personal agendas get left at the door, and everyone works towards a common goal. Working as a team is a skill – and team building activities help us develop, practice and nurture it.

But even though team building teaches us to work together, there are still benefits for each team member as an individual. Yes, of course the primary purpose of team building activities is to create groups of co-workers who gel well together and can complement each other’s’ skills and abilities (and whilst we’re talking team building, let’s not forget that a ‘team’ could

be any set of people who need to collaborate – a family, a musical group, a sports team). But team building activities also provide benefits for the individual members of that team. These are skills and strengths which they can carry forward, making their next team stronger, and their own lives (inside work and out) more enjoyable and fulfilling.

The benefits of team building for the individual have been studied in depth, including by Yale University in the US and The University of Warwick in the UK. At Tailored Team Building, we might not have the same academic research credentials, but what we do have is plenty of feedback from clients – and it all points in the same direction as the formal research. So, what are the main benefits to individuals of team building activities and learning to work well as part of a group?

Here’s our summary of the top four:

  1. Better problem-solving skills – most of us approach problems in a certain way, because of the way our brains are wired, or because ‘that’s the way I’ve always done it’. Seeing the way that other people tackle the same problem can be mind-blowing. We don’t know what we don’t know when it comes to problem solving, but seeing a new approach, firsthand, in a practical application, opens us up to the idea that there are other, maybe better ways to solve a tricky scenario. That’s a life skill that translates into time saved and stress levels lowered in just about every aspect of life.
  2. Open mind – many of us live in a bit of a bubble, surrounded by ‘people like us’. That can lead to a limited way of thinking and closing ourselves off to new ideas. Working with people from different backgrounds, with experiences outside of our own and with simply a different view on life does wonders for opening our minds. We learn to see things through others’ eyes, and to expose ourselves to a whole range of possibilities and opportunities that we may never before have considered.
  3. Learning about yourself – being around other people teaches us as much about ourselves as about them. It’s the same effect as learning about our home country by visiting other places and noticing the differences. You may only realise, for example, that you can stay calm under pressure when you see someone else struggling with the situation. Or see that you have great delegation skills when you see others trying to take on everything themselves. Self-knowledge is one of life’s greatest gifts, and we can develop it through team building.
  4. Being happier – team building fosters stronger working relationships, communication, and camaraderie. Burnout is a big issue in today’s workplaces, with research showing that 67% of employees feel burned out sometimes, very often or always. The same research also shows that being in a positive work environment has a highly beneficial effect on our emotional well-being. When we feel part of a team that respects, hears and values us, we are 80% more likely to feel emotionally strong. And who doesn’t want to feel happy?

Companies and organisations benefit greatly from team building activities – they get greater employee engagement, productivity and alignment. But teams are made up of individuals, and those individuals can also gain massively from the activities that help to foster teamwork. So, whilst there is ‘No I in Team’, and teamwork is about group dynamics, don’t forget that by running team building activities, you’re also giving a fantastic boost – in skills, attitude and emotional well-being – to your individual employees. And they’ll thank you for that!

Small Business Champions FinalistTailored Team Building have more silver wear to add to our award cabinet, having just received notification that we are a finalist in the 2024 Small Business Champions Awards.

This award comes on the back of our finalist award for the Local Business Awards and also our “Best Puzzles” Bullseye International Award for our first online escape game “Something Strange at Sea”.

We are again hugely proud and honoured to be nominated and recognized for what we love doing.

Watch this space in April when the winners are announced at a glitzy ceremony!

Well we were quite busy throughout August & had the honour of hosting 38 events in 10 different cities across Australia & New Zealand. We helped bond over 1,769 people in August alone.

We hosted events like the Amazing Race, Survivor, Brick Masters & our popular Spy Race.

We are also very proud to announce that we hosted our very first event in New Zealand. We had the privilege of hosting a Spy Race in Christchurch! Watch this space for more fun events coming to New Zealand.

Here is our highlight reel from some of our recent events.

We recently attended the AHRI conference in Brisbane & it was amazing! For the past few months we have been planning our little Tailored Team Building booth & getting quite excited at the possibility of meeting so many amazing HR professionals….and boy did we!!! 

So, the time finally came for us to pack up our brochures & bright yellow jigsaw stress balls & off we went to sunny Brisbane. The exhibition was over two full days & I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly how many people we spoke to but all we were both craving after day 1 was a wine, an aspirin & a lay down! We were stuffed! 

However, we got up for day two & put on our purple shirts & usual smile & off we went again. Day two certainly didn’t disappoint either, as we met even more amazing HR professionals. 

The highlight was taking the opportunity during lunch service to walk the lines giving out our jigsaw stress balls.  So much so they started to appear all through the conference. One key note speaker could be seen with a Tailored Team Building jigsaw piece on their lecturn during their speech!

In the end we came away with so many great new relationships & possibilities. It was great meeting professionals from all over Australia, including Darwin, Perth & Adelaide. We are really looking forward to meeting them again & delivering some of our Team Building events! 

Are you enjoying the shorts currently on Channel 10, advertising season 2 of Hunted Australia? So are we! We love the tension of the “fugitives” waiting to start their run. We love the background radio communication from Hunted HQ calling in the helicopters!

Well, if you love this, we have the event for you! Now at this stage let’s give the disclaimer!

Operation: Espionage is operated in Australia and New Zealand by Tailored Team Building and is from the TV Show “Hunted”, however it is not connected to or endorsed by Hunted, Endemol Shine Australia or Ten Network.

Now that’s out the way, I want to introduce you to Reece Dewar OAM and Jason Spivey. The actual stars of Hunted Australia.

Reece Dewar OAM: Hunted Australia 2022 and 2023’s Deputy of Operations, Reece Dewar OAM, is a decorated soldier who was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for services to the Special Operations Community.

With over 20 years of experience in the Australian Defence Force and 12 years of service with Special Operations Command (Australia), it’s no wonder he is in the Hunted Australia task force!

Jason Spivey: Jason Spivey is an accomplished covert surveillance specialist who served for 10 years as a member of the Victorian and Queensland Police Forces, including three years as a tactical operations sniper, Entry Team Member and Water Operations Specialist within the Queensland Police Special Emergency Response Team (SERT).

Welcome to OPERATION: Espionage. Hosted by Reece and Jason and aimed at corporate groups of 30 upwards in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, but can be hosted Australia and New Zealand wide with many more participants.

The concept is slightly different than the TV show – obviously it is impossible to drop 30 corporates into a city and chase them over 21 days! But we have got an equally heart pumping event lasting around 4 hours.

Your team will spend a couple of hours learning about covert surveillance techniques and technology, they will then be given a target to locate and track across the city, while avoiding being hunted themselves.

OPERATION: Espionage really is a heart pumping, eye opening, one-of-a-kind event, hosted by the best in the business.

Don’t miss out as there are limited available dates and this event will not be around forever. Don’t just enjoy the TV show, be part of the adrenaline rush yourself.

This week, Kerri and I, together with our partners, had the pleasure of attending the local business awards presentation evening.

Local Business Awards 2023To say we were proud to be nominated, let alone make the finals, is an understatement. We only created Tailored Team Building 18 months ago! Yes, we have been working with the Corporate Amazing Race part of the business for a lot longer, but to be recognised for the development of Tailored Team Building was truly humbling.

We ended up after the presentation chatting about the last couple of years and our plans for the next 12 months. Now, its a conservative statement to say we have some big plans and ideas. My wife and Kerri’s husband roll their eyes at us on a regular basis after hearing about some of our random ideas. These usually come during a road trip down to Canberra or up to Newcastle, or a flight to Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne or Mount Isa where we get to spend a few hours together without phones or emails!

I don’t think many business owners are very good at patting themselves on the back and we are no different but we did settle on a few reasons we are successful, apart from the fact we have worked really hard!

  1. Staff. We are really proud of our amazing staff. All of our team bring something different to our events and some we see more than others. But all of our staff based all around Australia and New Zealand are awesome and we wouldn’t be here without them!
  2. Our partners. They put up with our strange ideas, our constant enthusiasm and our unsociable work and travel schedules!
  3. Each other. We genuinely love what we do, are creative together and enjoy bouncing ideas and thoughts off each other.  We also know where our individual strengths are and aren’t afraid to let each other play to them. Working with your best friend never feels like work!

Being our very first year, we know how much of an honour this is. It means so much to both of us and only makes us more determined and driven to reach further in the future. Watch out competition! We are coming for you!

We are so proud of what we have achieved but we are even more proud of what we have coming up!  Watch this space – and thank you to everyone who voted for us.



We have been quite busy this June!!! We have hosted amazing team building activities for clients in a number of cities across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & even Mt Isa. We absolutely love traveling around Australia to bring team building events to as many people as possible.

In the month of June, we had the privilege of hosting great team building activities, such as our ever popular Amazing Race, Brick Masters, Corporate Olympics & Game Show. Team Bonding

Tailored Team Building are so honoured to help our clients build trust, communication & genuine relationships within their workplace, by engaging us to host fun & unique team bonding events. We know our events work & personally love watching clients have fun. For us, it’s also about building relationships with our clients, as we see so many of them come back every few months to bring their team together again…..consistency is the key after all.

So if you are looking at getting your team together for some really interesting & fun team bonding activities to help build trust & relationships within your work place, we suggest you watch our June Wrap Up video below & give us a call. Will you be Tailored Team Building’s next success story?

It’s time for us to finally reveal probably our worst kept secret…..due to popular demand – Tailored Team Building are expanding!!! We are so happy to announce that we are finally operating in NEW ZEALAND!! 

We have recently been over to see our lovely cousins across the ditch & completed a lot of recon, and have planned some really cool Amazing Race courses around Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown & Christchurch. This has been a long time coming & really a dream come true for us if we are honest. 

We are currently offering all our indoor team building experiences, including Brick Masters, Game Show & Trivia as well as our all time favourite Amazing Races around New Zealand. 

Check out of Amazing Race websites in your favourite city below;



We are really excited to continue expanding into New Zealand & will continue to launch new cities & new events throughout New Zealand over the coming months so watch this space……

So if you have a team in New Zealand or are looking at hosting a conference anywhere in New Zealand, get in touch with us & we will plan out the perfect break-out session for you & your team.

Local Business awards Finalist 2023

Local Business AwardsWe, at Tailored Team Building, are really proud to be named a finalist in the 2023 Northern Beaches Local Business Awards. Kerri and Jonathan want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us and all of our clients, network and amazing team for their support over the past year.

To be in the finals in only our first full year is amazing and it really motivates us knowing that we are being recognised for the standard of the team building events we have designed and hosted to date.

At Tailored Team Building, we really proud ourselves on the team bonding events we have created so far (and don’t worry there are PLENTY more in the works). We absolutely love working with all our clients to help their teams create & improve the relationships, trust & communication within their work place. We love seeing more & more workplaces spending time & money on their employees, and this is only increasing, particularly post COVID-19.

By far, our most popular team building activity is the Amazing Race, which we host Australia & New Zealand wide. However, we are also seeing clients come back time & time again after they we have hosted an Amazing Race for them, that we are also growing & developing our other amazing team building events as well.

The Awards event will be held in August 2023 and we will post pictures and updates from the night. Fingers crossed we bring home the silverware!!!