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Hey thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies! Get ready to buckle up because we’re about to take you on a wild ride through the heart of Sydney, Australia. Picture this: kayaks slicing through the crystal-clear waters of Manly, heart-pounding dashes through the bustling city, and a breathtaking ascent to the top of one of the world’s most iconic landmarks – the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

So, here’s the scoop: We recently had the incredible opportunity to team up with the Australian Defence Force for an adventure of epic proportions. We crafted a top-secret,

Amazing Adventure Racemulti-disciplinary race that had participants buzzing with excitement from start to finish. And let me tell you, it was an absolute blast for everyone involved!

The adventure kicked off in the vibrant beachside suburb of Manly, where our racers grabbed their paddles and hopped into kayaks, ready to conquer their first challenge. With the sun on their faces and the wind in their hair, they navigated through the sparkling waters, fueled by the promise of what lay ahead.

Next up? A mad dash through the city, with participants having to choose their own path using public transport to reach a series of secret checkpoints scattered throughout Sydney. From hopping on a bus to catching a ferry, every decision was a strategic move, and the thrill of the chase kept everyone on their toes!

But wait, it gets even more exciting – cue the adrenaline-pumping JetBoat adventure! Zooming across the harbour at breakneck speeds, our racers held on tight as they laughed, screamed, and cheered their way through the swirling waters.

And then, the moment of truth arrived – the final checkpoint atop the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge. With hearts pounding and anticipation building, our racers made the climb of a lifetime, ascending to dizzying heights above the city. And what awaited them at the summit? Victory, camaraderie, and the satisfaction of knowing they had conquered the ultimate challenge!

But here’s the twist: It wasn’t until they reached the top that our racers discovered who had emerged victorious (and who had come out with the wooden spoon award). The tension was palpable as they waited with bated breath, but when the results were finally revealed, it was all cheers, high-fives, and jubilant celebrations!

Reflecting on this incredible experience, it’s safe to say that our Amazing Adventure Race was a resounding success. It was a day filled with unforgettable memories and boundless excitement.

So, here’s to the thrill-seekers, the adventurers, and the dreamers – let us organise your next team day with an Amazing Adventure Race!


Perth Team Building


Readygrad is Australia’s Leading Graduate Employability Specialist. They provide services that help capable and ambitious graduates find internships and employment, and employers and recruiters to engage and develop emerging talent. Readygrad boosts employability for graduates, and retention for employers. Employers who have benefitted from Readygrad’s services include some of Australia’s biggest and best known corporates, such as Qantas, Pilbara Minerals, Vocus and NAB.

Team Building in PerthInductions with a sprinkle of magic

One of Readygrad’s most widely used services is to support corporations with developing and delivering graduate induction programs – ensuring that graduates have an engaging introduction to the company, and a positive start to their first job after education. Readygrad’s clients want induction programs that not only impart information, but that also give the graduates a sense of belonging, self-knowledge, and a strong team spirit. They also want to ensure that the first experience the graduates have in their company includes a large dose of fun.

That’s where Readygrad brings in Tailored Team Building. ‘Tailored Team Building offers the perfect complement to our services’, says Rohan Holland, co-founder of Readygrad, and its Graduate and Employability Programs Manager. ‘We specialise in graduate programs and inductions, and Tailored Team Building are experts in designing and running team building events. We develop the program, and Tailored Team Building adds a sprinkle of magic.’

‘Our graduate induction programs take the graduates through a journey of understanding themselves, each other, and their teams’, explains Rohan, ‘and TTB’s team building events are a terrific way to put the theory into practice. They create a shared experience, a bond and a really memorable start to the graduate’s journey with the employer.’

The Corporate Amazing Race

For Readygrad’s clients, Tailored Team Building runs their signature Corporate Amazing Race. Loosely based on the TV Show, this event sees teams solving clues and completing challenges as they race between checkpoints.

Tailored Team Building meets the graduates at the start point, divides them into teams and explains the event. The teams are given a clue to help them find the next checkpoint, and once they get there, they must complete a challenge before getting the clue to the next stop along the route. TTB staff are at every checkpoint, to hand out clues, set the challenges and ensure that everything is running smoothly, and everyone is having fun.

The typical Corporate Amazing Race takes place on foot over a 3-5km local route but is 100% tailorable to exactly what each company needs, and set in their local environment, such as in and around the head office for Qantas in Sydney.

Team Building in PerthComplementing the Readygrad program – with fun and competition

Rohan sees the TTB event as an integral and essential part of the induction program: ‘The race helps to build team understanding and cohesion’, he says, ‘as well as adding the important social element and fun in what can otherwise be a daunting day or week. What we notice is a look on the graduates’ faces. It’s as if they’re thinking: ‘I’m taking part in a training day, but this is such fun.’

‘The race also brings out the graduates’ competitive juices’, Rohan adds. ‘They are very invested in the game and really want to win. It brings people together as a group almost instantly. It gets graduates mingling and getting to know each other, but with so much more value than simply going for a meal or a drink. It’s fun, and it’s also linked to self-awareness and team building.’

For Readygrad, the TTB Corporate Amazing Race is a valuable addition to their offering to corporate clients. ‘It’s a huge complement to what we deliver, is completely interlocked with our program, and extends the attractiveness of our offering’, confirms Rohan. ‘It helps us to give our clients what they’re looking for – they love it, it’s very different, and provides a great anchor for the end of the day.

Flexibility, energy and knowledge

In summing up why the TTB Corporate Amazing Race makes such a difference to Readygrad, Rohan says: ‘TTB are so flexible and adaptable – they tailor each event to the individual client. They have huge energy, and that transmits itself to the graduate participants. Above all, because TTB are such experts at what they do, the events are something we don’t need to worry about. I just provide Kerri with the time, location and dates, and know that they will just run with it. I love the fact that we can tap into their knowledge and experience. I totally trust them because they know what they’re doing.’


Yes, yes, yes we understand that many people are still getting over the Christmas hangover, but it’s almost that time of year when you start thinking about getting the team together for the end of the financial year. Can you believe it??? Where have the last few months disappeared? Let us organise your EOFY Team Building event now!

As we sadly approach the end of May, it is time to look towards EOFY celebrations, as they will be here before we know it. Whether you are celebrating a great start to the year, a successful EOFY, or simply want an excuse to get the team together for a great team building event, now is the time to “lock it in, Eddie.”

Time is running out to book your Team Building Event for EOFY.

We often find that EOFY is a great time of year to get everyone in the team together to recharge the batteries. It’s a good amount of time after Christmas, so everyone should be fully back into the swing of things by now. It’s also far enough before the next silly season starts approaching (which will be here in the blink of an eye!). Show the team a bit of love this end of financial year.

We have a wide range of team building events & activities that will surely keep the team engaged and interested & keep them talking for a long time afterwards. We offer a range of indoor, outdoor, virtual & everything in between for our popular team building events. Sometimes, we can choose a mixture of a few events or activities. For example, our combined Quiz Masters / Game Show events are super popular for a fun EOFY team bonding event. Our EVER popular Amazing Race is always a brilliant outdoor option.

As the end of the financial year approaches, seize the opportunity to bring your team together for a well-deserved celebration. Whether you’re marking a successful year or simply want to show your team some love, our range of team building events is sure to leave a lasting impression. Don’t wait until the last minute—start planning now and make this EOFY one to remember!

Corporate Travel

Welcome aboard to Corporate Travel—Tailored Team Building style. The in-flight entertainment includes Kerri not so subtly attempting to steal extra wine from the trolley and Emily’s apparent narcolepsy striking at any given moment on Jonathan’s shoulder. Buckle up! We are about to navigate the skies of TTB travel—a how-to Guide to Corporate Travel—or perhaps a how-not-to guide.


  1. Airport Shenanigans

Picture this: Sydney traffic got us again and we are running late for bag drop. After jumping out of the car with the luggage, we are wheeling through the airport in Mario Kart style, attempting to get to the bag drop before the cutoff. This is your own Amazing Race, which needs team building when you have an impromptu race to drop off your bags within 45 seconds. Every man (and woman) for themselves dips and dives through the excited holiday crowds. We made it! But then we wake the next day to find Kerri has a slipped disc from the airport chaos and can no longer partake in any travel plans.


  1. Status Point Rivalry

Ahhh the mystical realm of Qantas Gold or Platinum status, where the air is thinner, and the complimentary wine tastes like victory. Life during travel takes on a whole new dimension for those soaring in these elite skies. Meanwhile, the rest of us, mere mortals (me included), navigate the airport maze and food court with feet firmly planted on solid ‘silver’ ground. We pay $21 for a glass of wine and $40 for a burger. For those lucky enough to have friends with benefits (no, not that kind), you may slip into the lounge and pretend that you are holier than thou and push down those feelings of imposter syndrome.


  1. Where are we going today?!

As a company that services Australia and New Zealand we are often travelling to various cities and regional areas that we have never been. It certainly makes it fun! This also makes for some interesting itineraries! Kerri and I recently travelled from Sydney to Auckland, Auckland to Brisbane and then back to Sydney in the space of 30 hours, in 3 different time zones, we hosted 4 Amazing Races! Insane you may say? FUN is what we say! Thank god for airport lounge showers!


  1. Hotel Roulette

The thrill of finding out where Kerri has booked your accommodation. Sometimes it’s slim pickings in the world of Air-BNB and we are forced to make the hard decisions. During a somewhat memorable trip to Auckland,  we had a 3-bedroom apartment but sadly one of those bedrooms was surrounded by clear glass. After a brief ‘discussion’, Jonathan agreed that he would take it. Because afterall, Kerri books the accomodation, she gets the master. I am the newbie, so I get the 2nd bedroom and sadly Jonathan is often left with the dud.


  1. Zoom Call Chaos

‘Which one of us is taking this client zoom call that starts in 2 minutes?!’ Bellows Kerri as you’re about to walk out the door to breakfast. Who needs a quiet office for conference calls when you can have the soothing sounds of hotel elevators or distant sirens as your background music? It’s a symphony of chaos, where the only thing louder than the meeting agenda is the toddler screaming on the hotel lobby floor. Those meetings don’t stop just because you’re in a different time zone or happen to be in the middle of the street. Out comes the laptop and cue the professional voice!


In the end, corporate travel is NOT just about business – it’s about creating memories, forging inside jokes, and discovering hidden talents within your work family (my narcolepsy being quite a notable achievement). So, here’s to jet-setting with colleagues who make business trips feel like a sitcom pilot: entertaining, slightly unpredictable, and always worth the watch! So whether your business trips are like ours, you are bound to have fun if you follow our How to Guide for Corporate Travel.


Help us fulfil our travel dreams! Wherever you may be in the world we would love to host an event for you!


A Guide to Corporate Travel

All change

Pre-2020, going to work meant exactly that – going to work. Being in the office, with colleagues. But as we all know, the workplace has changed since then. Employees had a period of enforced separation from team-mates and colleagues, and jumping on a video call from home became second nature. Teams got used to doing everything via a screen, and remote working very quickly became the norm. There are, of course, many benefits to working from home (not least avoiding the rush hour traffic!) – so much so, that some employees would love things to stay that way.

The downsides of remote work

But there are also downsides to being remote, and the lockdown had a mental health impact, with levels of distress in Aussies higher at the end of 2020 than in the heady days of freedom at the start of the same year. One of the things that the pandemic really reinforced was the incredible value of meeting face to face with team mates. Maybe not every day, but at least some of the time. Many employers understand this, so have gone for a hybrid working environment, where staff must come in for a certain number of days per week. The Australian HR Institute found that 48% of employers ask staff to be in the office for between 3 and 5 days a week, and the most popular approach (32% of all companies surveyed) is having staff in for 3 days a week.

The upsides of face to face

So just what are the benefits of in-person working, which are driving teams back into the office? Here’s what we hear from talking to teams across Australia and New Zealand:

  1. Better working experience – having in-person, face to face contact with colleagues just makes work more enjoyable. We all need human contact, and getting that at work makes people feel less isolated, more connected and generally happier in their role.
  2. Better relationships – yes, you can do a lot on video calls, and build some form of relationship. But the best relationships of all are those that are built by being in the same place. That’s when the magic really happens. It’s where loyalty and trust are forged, and relationships grow from co-worker to team-mate to friend.
  3. Greater engagement – staff who are physically in the room tend to be more involved and engaged. We hear this all the time from clients, and it’s backed up by a Bain and Company study that found that ‘teams that regularly meet in person are more likely to be engaged, perform better, and have higher levels of job satisfaction.’
  4. Effective communication – communication is about so much more than the words that are spoken. When colleagues meet face to face, they are much more likely to pick up on the non-verbal communication cues, such as facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures and body language. Let’s face it, anything from the shoulder down simply can’t be seen on a screen (meetings in track suit bottoms anyone?). When we meet with the whole person, communication is taken to another level – essential when leaders need to be sure that everyone understands the goals and is on the same page.
  5. Focus on people – last but definitely not least, let’s not forget the distractions that creep in when we’re trying to work with people through a screen. It’s all too easy to get side tracked when someone is talking – you think you’ll just check your email, you’re distracted by your own appearance, or you’re working out how to put a comment in the chat or share your screen. When the technology (great as it is) is removed, teams can only focus on the others in the room.

So as you can see there are at least five great reasons to engage in person with colleagues. And remember, face to face meetings don’t have to be in the office or round a table. Getting out and having fun together is important too.

So don’t just get together formally – build in informal, fun activities such as the team building events from Tailored Team Building. Your team will reap the benefits!


‘There’s no I in team’ – but there sure are benefits for individuals. Check out the four biggest plusses of team building.

‘There’s no I in team’ goes the mantra – and it’s true, teams are all about collaboration, working together and the group rather than the individual. The ‘no I in team’ philosophy means that egos and personal agendas get left at the door, and everyone works towards a common goal. Working as a team is a skill – and team building activities help us develop, practice and nurture it.

But even though team building teaches us to work together, there are still benefits for each team member as an individual. Yes, of course the primary purpose of team building activities is to create groups of co-workers who gel well together and can complement each other’s’ skills and abilities (and whilst we’re talking team building, let’s not forget that a ‘team’ could

be any set of people who need to collaborate – a family, a musical group, a sports team). But team building activities also provide benefits for the individual members of that team. These are skills and strengths which they can carry forward, making their next team stronger, and their own lives (inside work and out) more enjoyable and fulfilling.

The benefits of team building for the individual have been studied in depth, including by Yale University in the US and The University of Warwick in the UK. At Tailored Team Building, we might not have the same academic research credentials, but what we do have is plenty of feedback from clients – and it all points in the same direction as the formal research. So, what are the main benefits to individuals of team building activities and learning to work well as part of a group?

Here’s our summary of the top four:

  1. Better problem-solving skills – most of us approach problems in a certain way, because of the way our brains are wired, or because ‘that’s the way I’ve always done it’. Seeing the way that other people tackle the same problem can be mind-blowing. We don’t know what we don’t know when it comes to problem solving, but seeing a new approach, firsthand, in a practical application, opens us up to the idea that there are other, maybe better ways to solve a tricky scenario. That’s a life skill that translates into time saved and stress levels lowered in just about every aspect of life.
  2. Open mind – many of us live in a bit of a bubble, surrounded by ‘people like us’. That can lead to a limited way of thinking and closing ourselves off to new ideas. Working with people from different backgrounds, with experiences outside of our own and with simply a different view on life does wonders for opening our minds. We learn to see things through others’ eyes, and to expose ourselves to a whole range of possibilities and opportunities that we may never before have considered.
  3. Learning about yourself – being around other people teaches us as much about ourselves as about them. It’s the same effect as learning about our home country by visiting other places and noticing the differences. You may only realise, for example, that you can stay calm under pressure when you see someone else struggling with the situation. Or see that you have great delegation skills when you see others trying to take on everything themselves. Self-knowledge is one of life’s greatest gifts, and we can develop it through team building.
  4. Being happier – team building fosters stronger working relationships, communication, and camaraderie. Burnout is a big issue in today’s workplaces, with research showing that 67% of employees feel burned out sometimes, very often or always. The same research also shows that being in a positive work environment has a highly beneficial effect on our emotional well-being. When we feel part of a team that respects, hears and values us, we are 80% more likely to feel emotionally strong. And who doesn’t want to feel happy?

Companies and organisations benefit greatly from team building activities – they get greater employee engagement, productivity and alignment. But teams are made up of individuals, and those individuals can also gain massively from the activities that help to foster teamwork. So, whilst there is ‘No I in Team’, and teamwork is about group dynamics, don’t forget that by running team building activities, you’re also giving a fantastic boost – in skills, attitude and emotional well-being – to your individual employees. And they’ll thank you for that!

Well…here we are again. We have managed to stumble, drink & eat our own weight in food over the silly season only to find ourselves at the beginning of another year. By now a lot of people are truly ready to ship the kids back to school (I know mine already has his school bag packed & ready to go). What time does the school bell go again?

In the business world, we often find that February is a great time to have conferences, meetings & workshops with our team. This is a great way to get everyone together, reset for the year ahead, set marketing budgets & do some good planning. A number of people also take the new year as an opportunity for a career change, job change or simply a team swap. So bringing everyone together could be a good opportunity to get to know your team (new or not) a little better. I mean, who doesn’t want to know what Susan’s grandmother got her for Christmas? 

Leaders Workshop

To be honest, it certainly works for us here at Tailored Team Building….we recently took all our leaders from across the country & bought everyone together at Glenworth Valley for some Team Bonding ourselves. We enjoyed a leadership workshop to share fresh ideas & let the team know some new & exciting things we have on the horizon. But what would a little workshop be without a little team building activity??? Well, we certainly pride ourselves on being good at planning unique team building events so we put ourselves to the test & designed one for our own team. We started off with a little workshop, then had a truck pick us up & take us abseiling….there really is no better way to get to know your team then to throw them off a cliff (literally). Then we came back with a few new rope burns & carried on with our workshop session over a beautiful BBQ lunch. Then to our teams surprise, the bus turned up again to collect us for another fun afternoon session…this time it was off to laser skirmish! It wasn’t long until the camouflage hats were put on & the mud smeared across some cheeks, then off we went. Spilt into two teams to fight to the bitter end through the bushland. Now, this is a great activity for any team who is looking at working on their communication & teamwork. There’s nothing like rolling in the mud or throwing yourself (or a teammate) behind a large rock or tree to get out of enemy fire. What a way to bring the team together. 

We honestly had so much fun on our team workshop & a owe a massive shout out to the team at  Glenworth Valley for helping us bring everything together. 

So the moral of my (very long) story, is that this is the perfect time of year to bring your team together to really set the right tone for the rest of the year. But with any good conference should also come a great team building session! They really do go hand in hand, trust us! Whether you are looking at a simple get together with your team to go over some figures / marketing budgets or you are wanting to get your entire enterprise together for a 4 day conference – it is really important to get people outside! Break the monogamy of powerpoint a tad & get your team doing something different. Find yourself an expert in team building (AKA Tailored Team Building of course) and start putting some ideas for your next team get-together to be a fun, unique & memorable one. 

New Team in 2024

Welcome back corporate warriors! It’s that time of year again when resolutions are made, gym memberships renewed, and new teams are formed to conquer the challenges of the business world. If you find yourself part of a shiny new team in the new year, fear not – we are here to save the day! If someone says ‘trust falls’ I may just start a riot. New Year, new team – time for team building!

Starting with a new team often means working with unfamiliar faces. What better way to for new peeps to get to know each other than being put into a group in an informal and relaxed environment where they can collaborate and have a huge amount of fun together!

Nothing says ‘new team’ like a barrage of ice breakers that make you question all your life choices. There’s always a Barry who is an over-sharer, who will tell you about his 3 ex-wives. And then there’s a Debbie who is an introvert and would rather die than share anything about her life with a new team of people. Instead of forcing your team to divulge bizarre facts about themselves, perhaps get them together for a Game Show. They can compete against one another (you’ll find out who is the most competitive VERY quickly), you can see how everyone works together and everyone learns everyone else’s names (and level of competitiveness) without needing to learn about Barry’s ex-wives.

Conflict is inevitable in any group, especially a new one! Our Team Building activities provide a platform for learning how to address some of these in a constructive way. Wouldn’t you rather your team members argue and learn how to resolve their conflicts while choosing which selfie is best in an Amazing Race, than in the office environment? Learning to navigate some of these differences early on can contribute to a healthier team dynamic.

A well-bonded team is always going to be a more productive team. Research has shown that pub lunches do absolutely nothing to bond your department together. We would suggest an Amazing Race, or a Corporate Olympics where everyone has fun, gets to know each other, and must work together to be crowned the winner. Cos who doesn’t love a bit of competition between friends?!

Establishing a positive culture is crucial for productivity and employee satisfaction. Team building activities foster a sense of camaraderie, encourages a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and connected to the team’s goals. New Year, New Team – Time for Team Building Activites!

At Tailored Team Building we LOOOOVVVEEEE coming up with different & unique events & challenges. To be honest, thats exactly why we called ourselves ‘Tailored Team Building’ in the first place. So we get quite excited when clients ring us wanting to include something a little different in their Amazing Races in particular. 

To date, we have designed, planned & hosted a number of our Amazing Races using public transport which adds a really cool element into your race. The feedback we have received from the clients who have elected to include public transport has been that is is very much like the TV show, which is exactly what we want to hear. We have planned races using ferries, trains, buses, Ubers, trams & also the light rail. We even designed a race for Uber themselves using a few of theirs services which was really fun. 

We have also designed a race where the teams started in Brisbane & finished on the Gold Coast, which incorporated a few different types of public transport, including the train between the two cities, with a pit stop for lunch along the way. 

We simply love taking advantage of the stunning harbour we have here in Sydney by getting our teams on the ferries to soak up the spectacular views. However, we also love using the free city tram system in Melbourne, which helps us to get the teams exploring further in Melbourne while not needing a Myki card, which is great. 

The added element of using public transport can really bring the team together & help with communication as the team will need to decide together which form of public transport they use in their race, as we may give them a few options to pick from between certain checkpoints, depending on whats available. To use Sydney as an example, we once asked the teams to make their way from Kirribilli over to the Rocks using public transport. As most of you already know, there are a few different options from Kirribilli. So we saw teams use the ferry to get across the harbour, a few teams jumped on a train to get across & one team even chose to walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge (not really public transport but thats one way to do it). It was a really fun Amazing Race & the teams really enjoyed the added challenge of figuring it the public transport during the race.

So, if you are thinking of incorporating some public transport into your amazing race we can certainly help you with this. Simply tell us where you would like to start & finish your race & we will figure out the rest.