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We have been quite busy this June!!! We have hosted amazing team building activities for clients in a number of cities across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & even Mt Isa. We absolutely love traveling around Australia to bring team building events to as many people as possible.

In the month of June, we had the privilege of hosting great team building activities, such as our ever popular Amazing Race, Brick Masters, Corporate Olympics & Game Show. Team Bonding

Tailored Team Building are so honoured to help our clients build trust, communication & genuine relationships within their workplace, by engaging us to host fun & unique team bonding events. We know our events work & personally love watching clients have fun. For us, it’s also about building relationships with our clients, as we see so many of them come back every few months to bring their team together again…..consistency is the key after all.

So if you are looking at getting your team together for some really interesting & fun team bonding activities to help build trust & relationships within your work place, we suggest you watch our June Wrap Up video below & give us a call. Will you be Tailored Team Building’s next success story?

Survivor Team Building event

Looking to organise a day of team building in Sydney that will actually leave your colleagues impressed? Sick of just booking a table at the pub every time you want to celebrate a milestone or network with the team?

Or maybe you’re struggling to find events for your team building that will suit a group of people with different skill and fitness levels who may not even be in the same physical space.

We get it. If you’re looking to have some fun with your team that doesn’t just revolve around alcohol and feels inclusive and fun, check out our top ten experiences for team building in Sydney that will make an impact.

  1. The Amazing Race — Loosely based on the popular TV Show, we have designed our Corporate Amazing Races with all the best parts you would expect, including checkpoint challenges, roadblocks, detours & fast forwards. This is an exciting way for your team to explore an area, and get to know each other all whilst having fun!
  1. Boss Ransom — This is one of those unforgettable activities everyone in the office will be talking about for weeks. Team members are kept in the dark about the exact details and then surprised with a ransom video from the boss. Who will solve the clues and rescue the Commander in Chief in time? Let the games begin!
  2. Corporate Survivor — Survivor has everything you would expect including tribes, tribal councils, rewards, hidden immunity idols & advantages, tribe swaps & tribal merges. We use a bunch of different challenges & tribal councils to see who will be voted the sole survivor in your team. Will you survive long enough to be able to pitch to the jury?
  1. Dark Dining — Take your senses for a spin with an unusual corporate dinner — dining in the dark! Expect to enjoy heightened taste, smell and conversation as your guests are hosted to a blindfolded feast.
  1. Corporate Olympics — Who doesn’t love getting out of the office and enjoying the great outdoors? Our Corporate Olympics event is a great all-rounder outdoor team building event. This event is suited to all ages, fitness levels & abilities. We will set up a number of stations with different activities & challenges for your team to compete against each other in a round robin style. 
  1. Film Fest — Get the creativity of your team working with your very own mini Cannes Film Festival. Teams create their own short films, and the day culminates in an awards night where the best movies will take out the top prizes. Lights, camera, action!
  1. Game Show ‘Game Show’ is our fun, cheesy & fully interactive indoor team building activity. We have combined a bunch of your favourite cheesy TV game shows to create this event, which is sure to get your team up & moving around the room & laughing the entire time.
  1. Kombi Amazing Race — We have customised our popular Amazing Race event so you can enjoy the activities & team challenges, all whilst sitting back & relaxing in the comfort of your very own chauffeur driven vintage Kombi.
  1. Murder Mystery — Do you consider yourself the next Sherlock Holmes? Will your team solve the crime to work out whodunnit in time? Our Murder Mystery parties are unique in that we use live actors during the event, not out of a box or board game.
  1. Brick Masters — Our Brick Master team building event is perfect for your team to tap into their inner child & realise their dreams of becoming a professional LEGO builder. Can you build your way to team victory?

Have your eye on one of our top 10 team building activities in Sydney? Book your own team building event online today!

Sydney Team Building

Everyone wants a cohesive team that communicates, works together to solve problems and supports each other to create better outcomes. But wanting your workplace to have a sense of community and cooperation is easier said than done.

The fact is that you do need to build time into your team’s schedule to focus on team building and bonding, and there are ways you can make this time more successful — depending on how you prepare and set up your team building events.

So, without further ado, here are our top five tips to promote team bonding.

  1. Make time for team building for fun’s sake

Allowing your team to bond takes time, not just time when they’re on the clock. Investing in team building activities allows the members of your organisation to work on challenges together and practice communication skills in a fun atmosphere, free from the demands and stresses of their everyday roles.

We understand that team bonding is a critical part of any work place (particularly these days), however it shouldn’t be boring! Team building should be fun & should inspire your team to want to do it.

  1. Choose inclusive activities

Once upon a time, booking a corner table at the pub was enough to tick the ‘team bonding activity’ box. But the fact is that Australian workplace culture has changed to adapt to a range of demographics and different people. That said, not everyone drinks or feels comfortable commanding a room full of strangers. While drinks on a Friday are an excellent way to socialise, they won’t build new bonds between team members who don’t already have a relationship.

By choosing an inclusive activity for your team building event, you’re allowing all team members to feel comfortable and fully participate in a shared experience.

  1. Build anticipation and encourage involvement

Choosing inclusive activities also means increasing the chance of getting everyone on the team to participate. Team bonding will work best when as many team members participate actively. And the more people feel empowered to participate, the more they’ll get out of the activity.

To encourage this active participation, try building anticipation in the weeks and days before a scheduled team bonding event. Drop hints to pique people’s interest and create excitement around the event.

  1. Create unexpected connections

We tend to be creatures of habit, which invariably means that when forming teams, we’ll stick to the people we know. Existing bonds are outstanding, but if you want to promote better connections between departments and create new connections, sorting people into teams of unlikely partnerships and with new combinations allows for new connections to be made and for the seeds of new relationships to be sewn.

Once you’ve set up these new connections, you’d be surprised at how they can grow a more cohesive team when you’re back in the office or on the job site.

  1. Outsource the day so everyone can get involved

Finally, you may be tempted to organise a team bonding day or event yourself to save money. This is one option, sure, but outsourcing the task to professionals provides two benefits: you get a fresh perspective from an expert in team bonding, and you can take part in the excitement.

Management, HR and team leaders are just as much a part of the team as everyone else. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of Tailored Team Building’s activities, book your next team building event with us!

Southbank, located in the heart of Brisbane, is a vibrant and bustling area that offers a range of activities and events for people of all ages. One of the most exciting events that takes place is our Amazing Race! It is a thrilling competition that challenges participants to solve clues, complete tasks, and race around the city in a bid to be crowned winners.

The Amazing Race in Southbank is a unique and exciting way to explore the city, and it offers an experience like no other. Participants are divided into teams and are given a clue that leads them to their first task. Each task requires the team to use their problem-solving skills, creativity, and teamwork to successfully complete it before moving on to the next clue.

The race takes participants on a tour of the city, as they race around Southbank, completing challenges, and discovering hidden gems along the way. The challenges vary in difficulty, and teams must work together to overcome obstacles and complete tasks.

The Amazing Race in Southbank is not only an exciting competition, but it also offers a unique way to explore the city. Participants get to see some of the best sights and attractions that Brisbane has to offer, and they get to experience the city in a new and exciting way.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, it’s a great way to explore the city and have some fun with co-workers, friends or family. So, if you’re looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience in Brisbane, be sure to sign up for our Amazing Race in Southbank.

It’s time for us to finally reveal probably our worst kept secret…..due to popular demand – Tailored Team Building are expanding!!! We are so happy to announce that we are finally operating in NEW ZEALAND!! 

We have recently been over to see our lovely cousins across the ditch & completed a lot of recon, and have planned some really cool Amazing Race courses around Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown & Christchurch. This has been a long time coming & really a dream come true for us if we are honest. 

We are currently offering all our indoor team building experiences, including Brick Masters, Game Show & Trivia as well as our all time favourite Amazing Races around New Zealand. 

Check out of Amazing Race websites in your favourite city below;



We are really excited to continue expanding into New Zealand & will continue to launch new cities & new events throughout New Zealand over the coming months so watch this space……

So if you have a team in New Zealand or are looking at hosting a conference anywhere in New Zealand, get in touch with us & we will plan out the perfect break-out session for you & your team.

This video showcases some of the amazing events we have been honoured to host during the month of April.

During April we have hosted Amazing Races in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast. We have absolutely loved hosting every single event this month.

While traditionally April is our quietest month of the year, we have loved travelling and hosting some amazing groups. Bring on the rest of the year!


We all know by now that Team Building is important within any company, but your monthly team drinks are NOT helping anyone, most of all your team’s productivity. There has been a multitude of research over the last 10 years into this exact area and I’m going to take a deep dive into what is shows.

Communication is a must have within every team environment. Without effective communication, studies show that your team will be less successful, be less fulfilled in their work and ultimately, be less beneficial to the company. The team MUST be able to communicate effectively with each other.

What does the research say communication is within a team environment:

  1. Does everyone in your team talk and listen equally?
  2. Are they energetic? Do they face one another during conversation?
  3. Do they connect with each other? Not only with the team leader?
  4. Do they break, explore outside the team and bring information back?
  5. Are there side conversations within the team?

Within a workplace some teams thrive and surpass all expectations while others are luck-lustre and tend to have low employee retention. The Human Dynamics Lab at MIT investigated WHY this is the case. They studied over 2500 employees within an organisation and were able to pinpoint that communication was a MAJOR factor in the ability for a team to thrive or fail. But how do you improve communication in a team? Well, the study showed that unstructured activities such as Friday night drinks or long lunches do little to improve communication and relationships within the team. There are specific things that worked – having everyone go on breaks at the same time, that provides an opportunity for team members that were otherwise strangers to communicate and form bonds outside of the corporate structure. But what if your team works remotely? Other research has shown that targeted and structured activities where they have a common goal also goes a long way to improve communication within a team. This doesn’t need to be in person. It can be virtual. Communication is key. It is as significant as intelligence, personality, skill and qualifications. Does your team communicate effectively enough to benefit your company?

Another study by Saraswat and Khandelwal (2015) examined the effectiveness of team building exercises on team effectiveness. They used a control group that did not go through team building and another that did. Researchers scored them by team performance. The team building exercises had a huge positive influence on effectiveness of the team in the workplace. It is ‘Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare’ (Saraswat & Khandelwal, 2015).


The idea that a team can communicate and create meaningful connections is a tricky thing to navigate. So what do you do?

You need regular activities that:

  1. Foster connections between team members.
  2. Build trust and instil confidence.
  3. Teach your team to communicate.
  4. Assist your team to manage conflict.
  5. Improve collaboration under pressure and in new situations.

When you are planning your next team building events, it is imperative to consider the science behind team building. Using this information, you can structure your activities so that the team benefits from a more focused, effective approach. As your employees become closer and more engaged, you will find that they will also be more productive. It’s a win win!

But how do you organise these structured activities? Tailored Team Building can tailor make your next team building activity and make it fun! Your teams will learn how to communicate, identify each other’s strengths, they will connect with each other, and they will collaborate in order to meet a common goal, all while having a laugh and having a huge amount of fun!

It’s time to get out of the office and into your local park. Contact us to organise a Team Building activity tailored to suit your specific needs. Be it 10 people or 500 people, we can tailor a package that will build confidence, collaboration and communication within your team.

Perhaps your team is from all over Australia, or the world and it is unrealistic to meet for a team building activity. All is not lost! We also offer virtual activities that fit the brief and are equally as tailored as our other activities. Afterall, research also shows that virtual team building is beneficial if they work together to meet an objective.





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Lacerenza, C. N., Marlow, S. L., Tannenbaum, S. I., & Salas, E. (2018). Team development interventions: Evidence-based approaches for improving teamwork. American Psychologist, 73(4), 517–531.

Networking by Tailored Team Building

Networking….yes that dreaded word! We understand that most companies & businesses these days expect their employees to do some form of networking outside of the office. Whether its joining a formal group or an online group, they are kinda all the same – am I right? Some formal networking groups feel like they are still stuck in the 1990’s with their formal scripts & protocols, we hear you (funnily enough that’s where Jonathan & myself met 10+ years ago).

What is networking? I hear you (not) ask. Well, networking is the exchange of information & ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting.

I recently attended an online group (Fresh Networking) & was asked what having a strong network meant to me…..well to me, networking is about trust & relationships. You need to have those relationships with people in order to refer them to your friends, colleagues & family.

So, what if Team Building was a form of networking within your own business???? Crazy idea, I know, but seriously. At Tailored Team Building, we take Team Bonding seriously & honestly believe that this should be your first step towards your ultimate goals. Wouldn’t you want your team to build trust within each other? That way, when they are out there in a social setting & are asked if they know ‘a guy’ they can honestly recommend someone with the right expertise within your business, whether its another department or simply the best person for the job.

Team Building is designed to bring your team together & to help strengthen those work relationships between colleagues & different departments. So what better way to help strengthen your employees social networks than to put on regular team bonding activities?

Check out our popular team building activities to see what might suit your team! Don’t hesitate to call us today.

Top Tips For Team Building

As one of Australia’s leading Team Building companies we often get asked for some top tips for team building from our clients. Obviously there are some trade secrets that we have perfected over the years to make our clients team building events the best they can be, but here are our basic top tips for team building;

Stop overthinking team building;

Team building should be simple….so keep it that way! Don’t overthink or overcomplicate your team building. The main aim of Team Building is to get everyone together (preferably away from their desks) to have some fun, to help build relationships, communication & trust amongst the team. The more complicated you make it, the less people will enjoy it.

Make sure its FUN;

We see it all the time when we turn up in our team building shirts – people’s heads drop! But thats just not what team building should be about. Long gone are the days of passing balloons between our knees or scary trust falls. No, no, no! Mix things up, do something different. Get people out of their comfort zones (without the need to involve HR of course), as this is what they will remember. The more fun team bonding is, the more people will want to come! Simple.

Have smaller teams;

Having smaller teams in whatever team bonding activity you choose is a great idea. This will help increase the communication levels between the team members. It also means that the introverts in the group will feel comfortable enough to get involved, making sure that theres more of a team effort & input across the board. Having smaller teams will certainly increase productivity & communication between team players.

Mix up the teams;

We suggest this to all our clients when designing & planning their tailored team building event….mix up the teams. We know it sounds mean, but split up friendship groups, departments, seniority & even fitness abilities. This will ensure that you have a good mix of people & no team will get an unfair advantage over another. Besides, isn’t the whole idea to get to know someone that you don’t usually work with to help build internal relationships within the office?

Build competition;

Never be afraid of a little friendly competition!!! This is a great way to get teams working together. We are often shocked by how competitive some people / teams get…..and we love it!

Change the environment;

Probably one of the most important things is to change the environment….get out of the office! Get outdoors if you can & away from your desks. People are more comfortable doing new things if you change the environment. They will be much less tempted to quickly check their emails or answer the office phone, therefore actually investing in their team building experience.


I know we hear this alot, but it’s true! Consistency really is the key to team building. Make a point of scheduling your team building events every 6 months, or 12 months. This will give your team something to look forward to & know that its happening on a regular basis. You can switch up the activities each time & try something different each time, but make it consistent! Doing team building as a one off every few years simply won’t work. Once the team has built those relationships, they need to be maintained on a regular basis & the best way to do this is through regular team bonding sessions.

Invest in your team;

Don’t do team building in house….bring in the experts. Invest some money into your team building as this will make a massive difference in the experience. We understand that you are the experts in your field, and we are the experts in team building. We have worked very hard on getting the formula just right to create the best team bonding experience for all our clients. So why not let us help you organise your team building sessions?

Make it irresistible;

Make team building fun again so more people will actually want to be involved, rather than scheduling their annual leave or a random sick day (*cough cough*) for your next team building day. Team building should be fun! Therefore, when you make it fun, you make it irresistible for people in your team.


So…..if you are thinking about exploring the wonderful world of team building for your team – call us on 1300 662 667 and we will make sure we tick all of the boxes above to make your next team bonding session FUN!

Virtual Meeting

Despite a recent tweet by Elon Musk stating that the remote workers are only ‘pretending to work’, it appears that the hybrid office is here to stay. Also, at the recent Jobs & Skills Summit at the Federal Government announced that it would amend the Fair Work ACT to strengthen access to flexible working arrangements. So what does this mean for your business ??

At Tailored Team Building, we work closely with a number of businesses who are in the exact position. They have a number of staff members who are choosing to continue working from home a few days a week as appose to coming back to the office full- time. We have chatted to our clients about this as we have found it quite interesting how the workplace has changed post-COVID, and the feedback to date has been nothing but positive. Some studies have found an increase in productivity for people working from home. Team morale is higher as people have flexibility & seem to have finally won that ‘work / life balance’ battle for once. 

In saying that we are also finding a higher importance for regular & ongoing team building activities to keep the teams engaged & connected with one another. We have a number of companies that we work with that are booking in regular team bonding events which is great. It also shows the team that upper management care as they are willing to still put in the time & effort to bring the teams together, even though they aren’t working in the office full-time.

So, if you’re looking to bring your team together contact us! We can offer a load of indoor, outdoor & even virtual events for your next team building experience. Also, like many of our clients, once you have booked an event with us you will automatically join our loyalty program & receive 10% off future team building events. We call that a win / win!