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Christmas Party

Like many people I often wonder “where has this year gone?”….well with Christmas just around the corner are you & your team prepared for the perfect Christmas party?

Have you been tasked to organise your staff Christmas party this year? Have you run out of ideas? We totally get it ! It’s such a hard task to undertake – I mean honestly, trying to cater to everyone in your teams different wants & needs to plan the perfect Christmas party is really tough.

Has your team already done the typical;

  • Lawn bowls / ten pin bowling
  • Simple pub dinner
  • Archery
  • etc

Well, we are here to help! We have your next fun team building event waiting for you. We are the experts in customising your team bonding event to suit YOU! We have a large variety of indoor & outdoor activities, but why stop there – we are also happy to combine some or all of our events to create a fully customised hybrid team building event for you.

If you’re looking for a something different this year, then try one of our popular Christmas party events, including Amazing Race, Game Show, Mystery Race, Spy Race or live murder mystery. The possibilities are endless.

So if you are wanting to impress the boss this year with the perfect Christmas party for your team – look no further contact us today on 1300 662 667 to discuss your options & availability today.


Well…..where has November gone? We are finally on the countdown to Christmas & the end of 2022!!! November has certainly been fun & insane all at the same time for the teams at Tailored Team Building & Corporate Amazing Race. 

We have a number of bookings for Christmas parties through the final 2 weeks of November and leading into the crazy month of December (with most dates already fully booked). 

We have also hosted Amazing Races in a few different places including Nowra, Townsville, Gold Coast and Gosford. I must say, it was a massive pinch me moment when we had our logo & first challenge displayed on the big screen at Townsville Stadium recently for an amazing race we hosted for the North Queensland Cowboys! 

We have also been busy creating new events, including launching our fun-filled Boss Ransom event. This event is great & consists of us coming in & ‘kidnapping’ your boss, then leaving clues for the rest of the teams to solve in order to locate the boss (who is happily sitting in a local pub). We have also been planning a number of other exciting team building events, which we will launching in the new year. 

Although, our most exciting November news is launching our partnership with the conference gurus Cliftons, as their exclusive team building event partner! So if you are looking for something different for your next conference, host it at a stunning Cliftons venue & don’t forget to add on their amazing team building experiences. 

Wow – what a month! Looking forward to updating you all again in a few weeks once we get through December. Wish us luck!!!

Burn out

Is your team feeling a bit glum?

Well, we’re not surprised! Let’s break it down….after the past 2 years of COVID-19 (and who isn’t over that already?!?!) and now the recently announced third La Nina event that we are about to experience coming into Summer, its only natural that people are feeling a bit flat. There has simply been so much disruption to so many people’s lives through this pandemic & now floods its hard to keep on track with work.

We have been finding recently that so many teams are feeling a bit of a disconnect with each other due to these events & more & more people working from home. So, whats the best way to help your team stick together & reignite that teamwork spirit? Well…we have the answer for you! TEAM BUILDING!

We offer a huge amount of popular and most importantly fun team building events that are sure to bring your team back together. We have worked with so many teams recently that are only just coming back together post COVID-19 or are only just meeting their colleagues for the first time, even after working together for the past 2 years, and thats just crazy!

So, if you’re a manager & are looking for a great way to get your team together & have a bit of fun – then call us on 1300 662 667 & book one of our team bonding events. Our most popular events are the Amazing Race, Game Show or Brickmasters. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Winner Winner

So, how do I win the Amazing Race?

This is a question we often get asked when hosting our popular Amazing Races around Australia! So I’m here to finally answer this question once & for all!!!!

Our Amazing Races are designed as team building events, with a huge emphasis on ‘team’. We have designed all our challenges & activities with this in mind, so put quite simply you will either win race as a team or lose the race as a team. All of our challenges are score based, so if your team does well & is very creative then they will score higher points. It’s not necessarily (and to be honest in most cases is not) the first team to arrive at the end who wins our races! It has been known that the last team to arrive at the end has actually taken out the bragging rights as the overall winner.

Another simple way you can win the amazing race is by bribery! Yes I said it – BRIBERY! Even though all our beautiful hosts are honest, smiley, happy people – don’t be fooled – they are also easily swayed & open to bribery (mainly of the chocolate & coffee type to be fair).

But in all honesty – the best way to win our amazing races is to work together as a team, communicate & most importantly have FUN!!!!

Do you want the opportunity to take out the bragging rights in your office? Then contact us today to book your next team building event.

Outdoor Activities, Corporate Outdoor by Tailored Team Building, Graffiti

To say that the last few months have been busy is an understatement.  Between our two Team Building companies; Tailored Team Building and Corporate Amazing Race, we have racked up some air miles, had a few late nights in the office, designed some new games and events and most importantly, had lots of fun!

The largest:
The biggest Amazing Race we ran was 330 school students and teachers, across three schools, through The Rocks in Sydney. This race was a heavily tailored version of our Amazing Race to suit the students. Added to the fun was the fact that the day we ran the race was also the day where three different unions held strikes and marches through the city. When 330 people disembarked a bus at a park in the Rocks, police came from three different directions to see what was going on!  Once we explained what was happening, the police stayed and watched and event helped score the first challenge!

The smallest:
In the last months, we have designed and run several Amazing Races with only 4 – 6 participants.  Two teams of two gets very competitive! Our record for the smallest race is only two people total!

The furthest distance:
This can be interpreted in a couple of different ways.  We have organised and hosted a few different races recently where the participants are given Opal or Mykey cards at the beginning of the race and need to cover larger distances using public transport. This brings a whole different strategy into the race.  We design it so that the teams arrive at a checkpoint and then need to get across the harbour, river or city and need to make a choice on the fastest way. We purposely give this challenge to teams in a position where there are two or three options from their location.

The other way to interpret the “Furthest distance” is running a single race but across multiple cities at the same time.  Tailored Team Building was approached to plan an Amazing Race for several offices in the same company. However the offices were in three different cities.  We designed a race that started at the same time, involved the same distances and including the same challenges, with the extra element of clues and puzzles that teams had to face time other teams in other cities to get the answer to!

Gearing up for the Christmas period we have bookings for new courses and events in Sydney, Parramatta, The Hunter Valley, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Hobart and a couple of very remote inland areas!

Where do you want to race?

Virtual Team Building Screen

Well one thing we can all agree on is that the world looks & feels a little different these days. I guess a little thing like a global pandemic would have that affect. 

One thing that we have certainly noticed is that businesses are operating differently than before & at least for the moment, that looks like remaining. More & more people are still working from home, or are heading into the city / office on a roster based arrangement. This is great for work/life balance but through all this one thing has brought to the forefront of managers minds & that is team building! Team morale is hard to achieve & maintain when you’re not actually seeing anyone you work with. 

Enter tailored team buildings virtual team building activities!!! 

We work with a number of clients situated all around Australia (and globally to be fair) where their teams are spread across cities, states & even countries. We have transformed some of our popular face to face events into virtual team building events, including online game show, online amazing race, online survivor, and many more. We can also work with your team to customize an online team building event specifically for your team. We have even run online tournament’s over a number of weeks for teams. 

Put simply – we just love working with businesses to bring their people together, regardless if that’s face to face or over a computer screen in our best zoom attire (business on top, pjs & fluffy slippers on the bottom). 

So call us to chat about your next team building event! 

Corporate Spy Race by Tailored Team Building

I created the Corporate Spy Race ages ago but got to sit down and really develop it during the COVID lockdowns.

The concept behind The Spy Race is a cross between The Corporate Amazing Race (where teams race around their city, completing tasks and navigate from Checkpoint to Checkpoint), our Murder Mystery (where actors pose as suspects and must be interrogated to solve a crime) and an Escape Room (one of my guilty pleasures!).

I love the immersive atmosphere we can create by using actors to play a part in a wider game, and as a James Bond fan, love the concept of secret messages and clues being passed between actors and participants, in a crowded street, unknown to the wider public.

I also really enjoy the fact that navigation strategy plays a big part.  There is no set route from checkpoint A, to B, to C.  Teams can get the same information and clues, but choose to head off to completely different locations.  Ultimately all teams will visit the same actors but the order could be completely different and maybe faster depending on the planning first – much like our Corporate Property Race.

If your team are competitive, love a bit of espionage and drama, then this event is for them!

Line of people at the airport

It’s fair to say that I have spent a huge amount of time sitting in airports around the world. Its also fair to say that when I retired from a career at sea, I thought I had left airports behind! However, since starting Tailored Team Building, I seem to be again sleeping in hotel rooms and racking up the air miles.

The difference is that this time I get to travel to run events and thoroughly enjoy myself, rather than the travel being an arduous, long journey simply to join another ship.

I enjoy airports. I am one of these people who happily arrives hours before a flight (even a domestic flight) and happily wanders around, looking in shops or finding a quiet spot to catch up on emails. Occasionally you may even find me warming a seat at an airport bar. I also enjoy chatting to people. I find that travelers are more likely to talk in an airport.

Last week I was at Brisbane airport having spent two days planning and then running events around the city. It had been a long couple of days and I spotted a large TV showing a footy match live (helped that it was my team playing) in a jovial little bar. I went and found a seat at a table among similar travelers watching the game. Now, remember I had come straight from a Corporate Amazing Race and was still in my Tailored Team Building uniform polo shirt.  So the gentleman opposite me looked at the logo on my shirt, read the phrase “Team Building” and very obviously rolled his eyes with a sigh. Now I am not one to leave an opportunity alone and smiled in a friendly manner at him and said “I know! No one likes Team Building!”…and we started to chat.

So Patrick used to work for a photocopy company, back in the day when sales teams had a lot of “Team Building Experiences” thrown at them. He told me that he went on a survival course in the bush once with twenty other sales reps and spent the whole time being bitten by random unseen creatures. Patrick had also done every one of the old cliche Team Building activities – trust falls, obstacle courses, human pyramids, lost at sea scenarios….

This response is something we come across all the time. People hear or read the words Team Building and immediately lower their eyes, worried they are going to be volunteered for some embarrassing task! And this is where we are different and exactly WHY we are different.

The first stage of any event is a chat, preferably over a video call. The reason we do this is so we can get to know “Patrick” and the things they hate about Team Building, what they have done before and what they are expecting from their experience. This allows to us completely Tailor every event.

Team Building Sucks

Team Building sucks right?

We totally get that when most people hear they are being made to do a team building activity,  the first thing they think is “oh god no! How boring”. However it doesn’t need to be like that….and frankly it shouldn’t be!

At Tailored Team Building we totally appreciate that strong teams don’t just happen by hiring different people & hoping for the best. Strong teams are built by those different personalities working together to solve problems and issues, including challenges set in events & activities outside the office. These help bring employees together…(dare I say it) – bond them even!

Obviously building a team has many benefits to any business, no matter the size of the company. The main purpose is to bring all the employees together & to build stronger teams. At Tailored Team Building, we have specifically designed all our events to help improve employee motivation, communication & build trust between employees.

In a nutshell, when businesses encourage their employees to have fun, employees naturally become more engaged, which also helps lower turn-over inside the company. Win / Win we say!

we know that every team has different abilities, different expectations and aims for different outcomes from their events. That’s why we get to know you and your team before planning each event. Every event really is tailored. We have all been to embarrassing, cliche sessions which seem like they are designed more like a kids party than a professional team event. That’s not what we are about!

So….is your team overdue for some much needed fun & engagement? Well, contact us today to book in your next event. We promise, we will bring the fun back into your Team Building!