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Well…here we are again. We have managed to stumble, drink & eat our own weight in food over the silly season only to find ourselves at the beginning of another year. By now a lot of people are truly ready to ship the kids back to school (I know mine already has his school bag packed & ready to go). What time does the school bell go again?

In the business world, we often find that February is a great time to have conferences, meetings & workshops with our team. This is a great way to get everyone together, reset for the year ahead, set marketing budgets & do some good planning. A number of people also take the new year as an opportunity for a career change, job change or simply a team swap. So bringing everyone together could be a good opportunity to get to know your team (new or not) a little better. I mean, who doesn’t want to know what Susan’s grandmother got her for Christmas? 

Leaders Workshop

To be honest, it certainly works for us here at Tailored Team Building….we recently took all our leaders from across the country & bought everyone together at Glenworth Valley for some Team Bonding ourselves. We enjoyed a leadership workshop to share fresh ideas & let the team know some new & exciting things we have on the horizon. But what would a little workshop be without a little team building activity??? Well, we certainly pride ourselves on being good at planning unique team building events so we put ourselves to the test & designed one for our own team. We started off with a little workshop, then had a truck pick us up & take us abseiling….there really is no better way to get to know your team then to throw them off a cliff (literally). Then we came back with a few new rope burns & carried on with our workshop session over a beautiful BBQ lunch. Then to our teams surprise, the bus turned up again to collect us for another fun afternoon session…this time it was off to laser skirmish! It wasn’t long until the camouflage hats were put on & the mud smeared across some cheeks, then off we went. Spilt into two teams to fight to the bitter end through the bushland. Now, this is a great activity for any team who is looking at working on their communication & teamwork. There’s nothing like rolling in the mud or throwing yourself (or a teammate) behind a large rock or tree to get out of enemy fire. What a way to bring the team together. 

We honestly had so much fun on our team workshop & a owe a massive shout out to the team at  Glenworth Valley for helping us bring everything together. 

So the moral of my (very long) story, is that this is the perfect time of year to bring your team together to really set the right tone for the rest of the year. But with any good conference should also come a great team building session! They really do go hand in hand, trust us! Whether you are looking at a simple get together with your team to go over some figures / marketing budgets or you are wanting to get your entire enterprise together for a 4 day conference – it is really important to get people outside! Break the monogamy of powerpoint a tad & get your team doing something different. Find yourself an expert in team building (AKA Tailored Team Building of course) and start putting some ideas for your next team get-together to be a fun, unique & memorable one. 

Over the next few months, we are going to write some articles that take a look at us, our team and a bit of a “behind the scenes” theme.

Its fair to say that the last couple of years have been a faster ride than we thought it was going to be! In less than two years, we have built Tailored Team Building and Corporate Amazing Race from a smaller, strictly East Coast of Australia operation into something much bigger! We are now a truly Australia-wide team building company with the ability to service multiple events, across all states, at the same time, for very small and very large teams (in the coming months we are hosting 6 events with well over 300 people at each one – the largest being potentially 1000 people in Adelaide!). Plus Tailored Team Building New Zealand is now up and running in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and the rest of the country.

With the hectic ride in full swing, we have managed to find time to build and train new team members across both countries and all states and even do some Team Building for them! However, what do we (Kerri and myself) do to keep motivated and continue to work well together (or at least not attempt to kill each other every now and then)? Good question!

First of all we are best friends and have been friends for a long time. Neither of us have any issue in being honest (brutally sometimes) with each other without any fear of the other taking offense. Secondly we are both hugely passionate about what we do and what we are building together and have the same vision and ambition.

We do need to blow off some steam sometimes however, and need to do something outside of our business that tests our ability to work together – very much like we design for our clients.

Our answer, among a few other things, is escape rooms!  Yes that’s right, we take a break from designing puzzles and challenges for others, to solve puzzles and challenges together! We get to have fun, switch the brain into a different mode for a while and work together outside of our normal environment. We have been complimented so many times by escape room games masters on the way we communicate with each other.

So, with that in mind, here is a list of our favourite and most memorable escape rooms we have conquered! Note that these are in no particular order and are purely my personal memorable rooms.

  • Extraction @ The Curium Experience (Melbourne) – – The most immersive room we have played. Great story line and massive set including slides, crawling through air ducts and more. Fantastic effects too.
  • La Rebellion @ The Cipher Room (St Peters, Sydney) – – The Cipher Room is one my favourite companies for Escape Rooms. Two locations and awesome rooms.
  • Into The Dark @ Codebreakers (Christchurch NZ) – – A unique experience! The room is completely pitch black meaning communication becomes critical. Great puzzles with a twist.
  • Buried @ Padlocked Escape Rooms (Surfer’s Paradise) – – Not for the claustrophobic! You and your partner are locked in two different coffins! A big test of communication between players.
  • The Mystery of the Missing Crown Jewels @ Xcape (Wellington NZ) – – Great puzzles, great theming and sets and some twists that we haven’t seen before.

Did you know that we have designed our own online escape room game (award winning I might add) and a lot of our puzzles and activities take inspiration from the escape rooms we have done ourselves. Also we can include escape rooms in a wider activity for you and your team.

Get in touch and let’s have a chat!


“Where’s the start point for your Rocks course?”, “Where do you always finish your races?” Or “We aren’t located in the CBD – can we still host an amazing race?” 

These are questions we hear all the time when talking to potential clients about their upcoming team building days. The simple answer to all these questions is: “YES!”. 

At Tailored Team Building – we don’t believe in off-the-shelf team bonding events. Yes, every single one of our events is really completely tailored.

Whenever people talk about ‘team building’ we can almost hear the collective eye rolls from the team! However, we are here to change that. It’s our mission at Tailored Team Building to bring the FUN back into Team Building….and here is how we do that….

Our main point of difference from other team bonding companies is that we organise a zoom call with our clients to get to know their team a bit better. We meet with the organiser to ask questions about their team, which then allows us to design & plan the perfect team building event for them. We strongly believe that our clients should get the most out of their team bonding activities, not just what we offer as a ‘standard package’. We love coming up with new ideas, events & challenges & this comes from working closely with clients to design activities within certain themes that they may have or different values / messages that they want to portray through their events. To give you an example, we recently hosted an amazing race around Green Island in the Great Barrier Reef where the client had 12 new company values that they were launching during their team retreat. So we designed 12 different tokens outlining the new company values that the teams had to collect at each checkpoint & then solve a puzzle at the end of the race in order to take home bragging rights of being the winners of their amazing race! This was a great way for the teams to learn more about the new company values whilst having a lot of fun. We can also adjust any of the current challenges to suit any theme. 

During the planning process of all of our team bonding events, we touch base with our clients a number of times to ensure that we have every small detail organised. We don’t like leaving things to chance on the day (I blame my OCD). We are also happy to work with our clients to plan their lunch / drinks after their event & can easily recommend a number of venues in any major cities across Australia & New Zealand (we know, we’ve tested them all out 🙂 ) We can even book a venue for your finish venue & keep it a secret from you & the team to create the final clue of the amazing race so that the teams need to figure out where they have to go. 

To summarise, We truly believe in delivering unique, fun team building events for all our clients.  We are very creative people & really enjoy taking your ideas & turning them into reality. The biggest compliment we hear time & time again is “Oh wow – that was so much fun” or “I had really low expectations for team building but that was amazing”. 

So why would you choose an off the shelf event for your next team day? Contact us to start the process of planning your perfect team bonding activity.

I have the dream job.

No, not a swashbuckling space cowboy. something better. I’m a member of the Tailored Team Building Family, and that means a job of excitement, of intrigue and endless adventure. A job the likes of which lets me shine from every ounce of my potential. From fitness to puzzles and incorporating my love of customer service to exploring this vast and beautiful country. The jobs are always varied and there is a never a dull moment. Witnessing the teamwork and friendships that blossom through the race is insatiable. It’s addictive, and at the end of the day I still find myself smiling ear to ear having made memories with people who have had the time of their lives.

Over the course of the last year, I’ve worked on Spy Races, Murder Mysteries, Brick Masters and Corporate Olympics to name a few. My favourite activities to host, however, are Survivor and Amazing Race, although I am biased as they are my favourite TV shows. Imagining myself as Phil Keoghan/Beau Ryan as the contestants run towards me as I announce “You are the 1st team to arrive” and give them challenges to complete as a team is surreal. It is beyond rewarding to be part of turning these world renown shows into real life team building challenges igniting the joyful sparkle of life into contestants and in turn, the companies.

Being born and raised in Sydney, I am ashamed to admit that I took this city for granted. I have travelled the world and have always scoped out every nook and cranny of each destination, but with Sydney, I knew it was always going to be there. I now work in picturesque parks, vibrant streets, botanic gardens, and spectacular harbour view expanses. These places I never knew existed are now some of my most-loved.

I can’t forget to mention one of the main aspects that makes this job fantastic, the team. I look forward to each event, knowing I am working alongside incredible, like-minded and supportive people. We share a common goal of creating a memorable, fun and exciting day for the contestants, which is so valuable. We all enjoy what we do so much and I believe that energy is infectious.

Upon reflection, I can’t call this a dream “job” because to me a job is a task, with the chance of being boring and mundane. It is more like a dream experience, a thrilling and gratifying adventure that I just so happen to get paid for.

This week, Kerri and I, together with our partners, had the pleasure of attending the local business awards presentation evening.

Local Business Awards 2023To say we were proud to be nominated, let alone make the finals, is an understatement. We only created Tailored Team Building 18 months ago! Yes, we have been working with the Corporate Amazing Race part of the business for a lot longer, but to be recognised for the development of Tailored Team Building was truly humbling.

We ended up after the presentation chatting about the last couple of years and our plans for the next 12 months. Now, its a conservative statement to say we have some big plans and ideas. My wife and Kerri’s husband roll their eyes at us on a regular basis after hearing about some of our random ideas. These usually come during a road trip down to Canberra or up to Newcastle, or a flight to Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne or Mount Isa where we get to spend a few hours together without phones or emails!

I don’t think many business owners are very good at patting themselves on the back and we are no different but we did settle on a few reasons we are successful, apart from the fact we have worked really hard!

  1. Staff. We are really proud of our amazing staff. All of our team bring something different to our events and some we see more than others. But all of our staff based all around Australia and New Zealand are awesome and we wouldn’t be here without them!
  2. Our partners. They put up with our strange ideas, our constant enthusiasm and our unsociable work and travel schedules!
  3. Each other. We genuinely love what we do, are creative together and enjoy bouncing ideas and thoughts off each other.  We also know where our individual strengths are and aren’t afraid to let each other play to them. Working with your best friend never feels like work!

Being our very first year, we know how much of an honour this is. It means so much to both of us and only makes us more determined and driven to reach further in the future. Watch out competition! We are coming for you!

We are so proud of what we have achieved but we are even more proud of what we have coming up!  Watch this space – and thank you to everyone who voted for us.


We totally understand that when people hear that they are being ‘forced’ to participate in the company’s next team building day their eyes roll to the back of their head, or they suddenly feel a cough coming on. We get it! We’ve been there. The directors here at Tailored Team Building both come from corporate backgrounds & regularly had to take part in team bonding events – which were to be honest, quite boring! 

Tailored Team Building

So when COVID-19 hit, like a lot of people out there, Jonathan & Kerri both reassessed their lives & wanted to change things up a bit. They saw a real need for fun, dynamic & unique team building events to bring teams back together for when the pandemic was over – and boy were they right! This is when Tailored Team Building was born. 

So I bet you’re asking – how is Tailored Team Building different to all the other team building companies out there???

Well, let us explain……at Tailored Team Building we understand that every team is different, therefore every team event should be tailored. One of our main points of difference is that we take the time to get to know you & your team. At the end of the day, a team building event is about YOUR TEAM not us. Once you have booked an event with us we set up a zoom call with the organiser to go through some aspects of your team which then means we can completely tailor make the event to include the games & challenges that your team is going to get the most out of. We do not believe in off-the shelf style events, there is no such thing as one size fits all in our minds. For example, no two amazing race events are the same, we have had teams come back time & time again to do amazing races & each time have said its different. Whether it be different challenges, different checkpoints, different locations or different puzzles. We will continue changing things up for you. 

Tailored Team Building

We also understand that when you are looking at booking an event which is based on a reality TV show (for example, the Amazing Race, Survivor etc) you expect a similar experience with your event. Obviously, we are unable to send your team to the airport with a boarding pass in hand…unless of your budget allows of course! However, we pride ourselves on using the same language & props similar to the tv shows as you would come to expect. Therefore your team will get a similar experience.

Our other main difference is our people! We pride ourselves on hiring the best hosts for your event. We mainly hire local actors who love getting into characters & hosting our team building events with the energy level we want. We have worked every hard to create a fun working environment for our hosts & it shows through their energy & genuine enjoyment & passion when they are hosting your next team building event. 

So….if you are looking for a team bonding event that truly is tailored to your team, contact the team at Tailored Team Building & we will be your partners in creating a really memorable team building event for you.

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Tailored Team Building may be a new name in the Corporate Team Building sector, but we have been creating team events for a long time. Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

First of all meet Kerri. Kerri’s official company title is the “Director of Fun” and she certainly lives up to the name! Kerri always has an idea to add another fun element to our Amazing Races or Quiz Shows, and can usually be found madly mapping something new out on our huge whiteboard. Kerri came from a successful Real Estate background.

“After years in the corporate world, I wanted to come to work and have fun! Now I get to not only really enjoy what I do, I get to create fun events for others, still in the corporate world.”

Kerri’s favourite event is the Corporate Amazing Race and while it means lots of travel between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra (among others) she says she loves the event because it’s a mixture of all the other events rolled into one.

Three fun facts about Kerri:

  1. Kerri has won awards for Ten Pin Bowling!
  2. Kerri is completely terrified of sharks – unnaturally so!
  3. Kerri has been to 28 countries.

Next meet Jonathan. Jonathan’s official company title is the “Director of Puzzles” and he can normally be found trying to make one of Kerri’s crazy ideas a reality! Jonathan is the tech geek who loves to use technology to create “next level” puzzles and games for our clients. Jonathan comes from an entertainment and hospitality background having worked in Florida’s Disney World and over a decade on Cruise Ships.

“I love my job! It brings together all of the best parts of my past careers. It also plays to my split personality; One part of me loves the puzzle part of the job, creating games and challenges and the other part loves the entertainment part. I love hosting events.”

Jonathan’s favourite events are the Corporate Spy Race (where else do you get to play James Bond?) and the Online Escape Rooms (Both Jonathan and Kerri are Escape room enthusiasts).

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Three fun facts about Jonathan:

  1. Jonathan trained as a chef.
  2. Jonathan sang on the TV several times as a child.
  3. Jonathan has built several unpowered flying machines and “Flown” them into Sydney Harbour!