How we plan our events


“Where’s the start point for your Rocks course?”, “Where do you always finish your races?” Or “We aren’t located in the CBD – can we still host an amazing race?” 

These are questions we hear all the time when talking to potential clients about their upcoming team building days. The simple answer to all these questions is: “YES!”. 

At Tailored Team Building – we don’t believe in off-the-shelf team bonding events. Yes, every single one of our events is really completely tailored.

Whenever people talk about ‘team building’ we can almost hear the collective eye rolls from the team! However, we are here to change that. It’s our mission at Tailored Team Building to bring the FUN back into Team Building….and here is how we do that….

Our main point of difference from other team bonding companies is that we organise a zoom call with our clients to get to know their team a bit better. We meet with the organiser to ask questions about their team, which then allows us to design & plan the perfect team building event for them. We strongly believe that our clients should get the most out of their team bonding activities, not just what we offer as a ‘standard package’. We love coming up with new ideas, events & challenges & this comes from working closely with clients to design activities within certain themes that they may have or different values / messages that they want to portray through their events. To give you an example, we recently hosted an amazing race around Green Island in the Great Barrier Reef where the client had 12 new company values that they were launching during their team retreat. So we designed 12 different tokens outlining the new company values that the teams had to collect at each checkpoint & then solve a puzzle at the end of the race in order to take home bragging rights of being the winners of their amazing race! This was a great way for the teams to learn more about the new company values whilst having a lot of fun. We can also adjust any of the current challenges to suit any theme. 

During the planning process of all of our team bonding events, we touch base with our clients a number of times to ensure that we have every small detail organised. We don’t like leaving things to chance on the day (I blame my OCD). We are also happy to work with our clients to plan their lunch / drinks after their event & can easily recommend a number of venues in any major cities across Australia & New Zealand (we know, we’ve tested them all out 🙂 ) We can even book a venue for your finish venue & keep it a secret from you & the team to create the final clue of the amazing race so that the teams need to figure out where they have to go. 

To summarise, We truly believe in delivering unique, fun team building events for all our clients.  We are very creative people & really enjoy taking your ideas & turning them into reality. The biggest compliment we hear time & time again is “Oh wow – that was so much fun” or “I had really low expectations for team building but that was amazing”. 

So why would you choose an off the shelf event for your next team day? Contact us to start the process of planning your perfect team bonding activity.