From the mouths of our hosts: Jade!

I have the dream job.

No, not a swashbuckling space cowboy. something better. I’m a member of the Tailored Team Building Family, and that means a job of excitement, of intrigue and endless adventure. A job the likes of which lets me shine from every ounce of my potential. From fitness to puzzles and incorporating my love of customer service to exploring this vast and beautiful country. The jobs are always varied and there is a never a dull moment. Witnessing the teamwork and friendships that blossom through the race is insatiable. It’s addictive, and at the end of the day I still find myself smiling ear to ear having made memories with people who have had the time of their lives.

Over the course of the last year, I’ve worked on Spy Races, Murder Mysteries, Brick Masters and Corporate Olympics to name a few. My favourite activities to host, however, are Survivor and Amazing Race, although I am biased as they are my favourite TV shows. Imagining myself as Phil Keoghan/Beau Ryan as the contestants run towards me as I announce “You are the 1st team to arrive” and give them challenges to complete as a team is surreal. It is beyond rewarding to be part of turning these world renown shows into real life team building challenges igniting the joyful sparkle of life into contestants and in turn, the companies.

Being born and raised in Sydney, I am ashamed to admit that I took this city for granted. I have travelled the world and have always scoped out every nook and cranny of each destination, but with Sydney, I knew it was always going to be there. I now work in picturesque parks, vibrant streets, botanic gardens, and spectacular harbour view expanses. These places I never knew existed are now some of my most-loved.

I can’t forget to mention one of the main aspects that makes this job fantastic, the team. I look forward to each event, knowing I am working alongside incredible, like-minded and supportive people. We share a common goal of creating a memorable, fun and exciting day for the contestants, which is so valuable. We all enjoy what we do so much and I believe that energy is infectious.

Upon reflection, I can’t call this a dream “job” because to me a job is a task, with the chance of being boring and mundane. It is more like a dream experience, a thrilling and gratifying adventure that I just so happen to get paid for.