Local Business Awards – Thank you!


This week, Kerri and I, together with our partners, had the pleasure of attending the local business awards presentation evening.

Local Business Awards 2023To say we were proud to be nominated, let alone make the finals, is an understatement. We only created Tailored Team Building 18 months ago! Yes, we have been working with the Corporate Amazing Race part of the business for a lot longer, but to be recognised for the development of Tailored Team Building was truly humbling.

We ended up after the presentation chatting about the last couple of years and our plans for the next 12 months. Now, its a conservative statement to say we have some big plans and ideas. My wife and Kerri’s husband roll their eyes at us on a regular basis after hearing about some of our random ideas. These usually come during a road trip down to Canberra or up to Newcastle, or a flight to Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne or Mount Isa where we get to spend a few hours together without phones or emails!

I don’t think many business owners are very good at patting themselves on the back and we are no different but we did settle on a few reasons we are successful, apart from the fact we have worked really hard!

  1. Staff. We are really proud of our amazing staff. All of our team bring something different to our events and some we see more than others. But all of our staff based all around Australia and New Zealand are awesome and we wouldn’t be here without them!
  2. Our partners. They put up with our strange ideas, our constant enthusiasm and our unsociable work and travel schedules!
  3. Each other. We genuinely love what we do, are creative together and enjoy bouncing ideas and thoughts off each other.  We also know where our individual strengths are and aren’t afraid to let each other play to them. Working with your best friend never feels like work!

Being our very first year, we know how much of an honour this is. It means so much to both of us and only makes us more determined and driven to reach further in the future. Watch out competition! We are coming for you!

We are so proud of what we have achieved but we are even more proud of what we have coming up!  Watch this space – and thank you to everyone who voted for us.