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Meet the Tailored Team Building Team

Tailored Team Building may be a new name in the Corporate Team Building sector, but we have been creating team events for a long time. Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

First of all meet Kerri. Kerri’s official company title is the “Director of Fun” and she certainly lives up to the name! Kerri always has an idea to add another fun element to our Amazing Races or Quiz Shows, and can usually be found madly mapping something new out on our huge whiteboard. Kerri came from a successful Real Estate background.

“After years in the corporate world, I wanted to come to work and have fun! Now I get to not only really enjoy what I do, I get to create fun events for others, still in the corporate world.”

Kerri’s favourite event is the Corporate Amazing Race and while it means lots of travel between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra (among others) she says she loves the event because it’s a mixture of all the other events rolled into one.

Three fun facts about Kerri:

  1. Kerri has won awards for Ten Pin Bowling!
  2. Kerri is completely terrified of sharks – unnaturally so!
  3. Kerri has been to 28 countries.

Next meet Jonathan. Jonathan’s official company title is the “Director of Puzzles” and he can normally be found trying to make one of Kerri’s crazy ideas a reality! Jonathan is the tech geek who loves to use technology to create “next level” puzzles and games for our clients. Jonathan comes from an entertainment and hospitality background having worked in Florida’s Disney World and over a decade on Cruise Ships.

“I love my job! It brings together all of the best parts of my past careers. It also plays to my split personality; One part of me loves the puzzle part of the job, creating games and challenges and the other part loves the entertainment part. I love hosting events.”

Jonathan’s favourite events are the Corporate Spy Race (where else do you get to play James Bond?) and the Online Escape Rooms (Both Jonathan and Kerri are Escape room enthusiasts).

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Three fun facts about Jonathan:

  1. Jonathan trained as a chef.
  2. Jonathan sang on the TV several times as a child.
  3. Jonathan has built several unpowered flying machines and “Flown” them into Sydney Harbour!