Networking by Tailored Team Building

Networking – the best Team Building!


Networking….yes that dreaded word! We understand that most companies & businesses these days expect their employees to do some form of networking outside of the office. Whether its joining a formal group or an online group, they are kinda all the same – am I right? Some formal networking groups feel like they are still stuck in the 1990’s with their formal scripts & protocols, we hear you (funnily enough that’s where Jonathan & myself met 10+ years ago).

What is networking? I hear you (not) ask. Well, networking is the exchange of information & ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting.

I recently attended an online group (Fresh Networking) & was asked what having a strong network meant to me…..well to me, networking is about trust & relationships. You need to have those relationships with people in order to refer them to your friends, colleagues & family.

So, what if Team Building was a form of networking within your own business???? Crazy idea, I know, but seriously. At Tailored Team Building, we take Team Bonding seriously & honestly believe that this should be your first step towards your ultimate goals. Wouldn’t you want your team to build trust within each other? That way, when they are out there in a social setting & are asked if they know ‘a guy’ they can honestly recommend someone with the right expertise within your business, whether its another department or simply the best person for the job.

Team Building is designed to bring your team together & to help strengthen those work relationships between colleagues & different departments. So what better way to help strengthen your employees social networks than to put on regular team bonding activities?

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