New Team in 2024

New Year, New Time for Team Building

Welcome back corporate warriors! It’s that time of year again when resolutions are made, gym memberships renewed, and new teams are formed to conquer the challenges of the business world. If you find yourself part of a shiny new team in the new year, fear not – we are here to save the day! If someone says ‘trust falls’ I may just start a riot. New Year, new team – time for team building!

Starting with a new team often means working with unfamiliar faces. What better way to for new peeps to get to know each other than being put into a group in an informal and relaxed environment where they can collaborate and have a huge amount of fun together!

Nothing says ‘new team’ like a barrage of ice breakers that make you question all your life choices. There’s always a Barry who is an over-sharer, who will tell you about his 3 ex-wives. And then there’s a Debbie who is an introvert and would rather die than share anything about her life with a new team of people. Instead of forcing your team to divulge bizarre facts about themselves, perhaps get them together for a Game Show. They can compete against one another (you’ll find out who is the most competitive VERY quickly), you can see how everyone works together and everyone learns everyone else’s names (and level of competitiveness) without needing to learn about Barry’s ex-wives.

Conflict is inevitable in any group, especially a new one! Our Team Building activities provide a platform for learning how to address some of these in a constructive way. Wouldn’t you rather your team members argue and learn how to resolve their conflicts while choosing which selfie is best in an Amazing Race, than in the office environment? Learning to navigate some of these differences early on can contribute to a healthier team dynamic.

A well-bonded team is always going to be a more productive team. Research has shown that pub lunches do absolutely nothing to bond your department together. We would suggest an Amazing Race, or a Corporate Olympics where everyone has fun, gets to know each other, and must work together to be crowned the winner. Cos who doesn’t love a bit of competition between friends?!

Establishing a positive culture is crucial for productivity and employee satisfaction. Team building activities foster a sense of camaraderie, encourages a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and connected to the team’s goals. New Year, New Team – Time for Team Building Activites!