October – What a month!


As Halloween approaches, I find myself sitting at Brisbane Airport, reflecting on the things we have done this month. Its been quite a month for events, travel, records and milestones!

In October we, Tailored Team Building, have run events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Townsville, online and in Roma (Not sure where Roma is? I wasn’t either before the event).

In October, we ran a fantastic private event for the smallest group we have ever hosted – 4 people. We also ran a corporate event for the largest group we have done (to date) – 400 people!

In October we have been named the Global Team Building partner for a worldwide seminar / conference  company.

In October we negotiated ways of creating a race around Sydney where one of the checkpoints is at the very top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In October we continue to love planning and running this business and still laugh daily!

So bring on November. We know November is going to be huge, not only in the number of events and people we are going to host but some of the plans we have! Watch this space!