Planning the ultimate staff Christmas Party

Have you been tasked with planning this years staff Christmas party & generally don’t know where to even begin? Well, hopefully these handy hints will help steer you in the right direction. 

We completely understand that planning the work functions can be a daunting task. There’s certain expectations that need to be met…the pressure is really on! 

So many questions….do you just book your local pub for dinner & some drinks? Do you do the typical lawn bowls or ten pin bowling? There are honestly so many different options out there it’s hard to know where to even start sometimes. Plus you will, no doubt, have so many opinions within your office trying to sway your decision to suit their wants & needs. So here are some handy hints to help with the planning of your next memorable Christmas Party!!

  1. Go external – why put all the pressure on yourself? Organise an external company to help you plan your Christmas Party. There are heaps of different Team Building or Party Planning companies out there that can help guide you through the stressful time. They can help you source an activity or simply book a different pub for you to have dinner & drinks. They are there to take the pressure off so you can also enjoy the party.
  2. Get in early – so many times we receive panicked phone calls from people who have been lumped with organising the Christmas party in December!! Well, I hate to say it but in most cases this is simply too late. So my advice would be to get in early! In most capital cities, venues, activities & pubs book out on popular dates (all Fridays & Saturdays in December basically) months in advance. So if you have your heart set on a popular date throughout December then I suggest booking in August! Ha! 
  3. Do something different – we hear time & time again that each year people generally just organise to go to the pub for drinks, and as much fun as this is, its more of a Friday afternoon activity then an exciting Christmas party idea. So why not try something different? Something out of the box a bit. We find that if you do something different it will leave your work colleagues talking about it for ages afterwards & also singing your praises – so win / win really isn’t it? 
  4. Add a theme – why not get crazy & add a theme? It helps bring people together & gets them talking about different costume ideas. You can be as simple or as complex with the theme as you like, for example you could simply have a Christmas dress theme, or sparkle. What about colours? Or you can go to the other extreme & go a bit more specific with certain letters or movie heroes (for example).
  5. Mix up the team – The staff Christmas Party is a great opportunity to network & meet other colleagues within other departments that you don’t usually work with usually hang out with at the office. So if you do go down the activity route with you Christmas party we would recommend mixing it up a tad. Partner the CEO with the janitor. This will help bring the whole office together afterwards. 

So…..if you have been tasked with this years staff Christmas party there is no need to hit the panic stations just yet. There is hope out there. The morale of the story is – have a plan and get in early! 

Here are some of our favourite Christmas event ideas: The Amazing Race, Live Murder Mystery, Survivor, Operation Espionage.

Most importantly enjoy yourselves.