Boss Ransom

Can you save your boss from the greedy kidnappers?

Boss Ransom Quick Enquiry

DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Venue


  • Duration

    1.5 hours – 2 hours typically (however we can tailor them to be longer)

  • Participants

    10 – 300+

  • Activity

    Tailored to suit your group

Get your boss back!

If your team is after a high pressure, unique team building event, then our Boss Ransom is for you! At Tailored Team Building we love creating highly interactive, immersive team bonding experiences.

The fun stuff:
So I bet you’re wondering how it all works…..well….let us explain.

To set this up properly, we keep the actual details of the race a secret from your team. Let the team know they are going to be doing something physical and to dress appropriately, but not the details. That way we can show up at your workplace or conference and take the team by surprise when we show them a video of your boss being kidnapped, followed by the demand for a ransom.

We split your team into smaller groups and hand out evidence folders to each team, giving them clues and information about the kidnapping. From there, the teams plan their own route to interview witnesses, find clues and solve riddles – all leading to the location of your boss (usually conveniently in a bar so your team can debrief in comfort!)

Our Boss Ransom event usually takes between 1.5 hours and 2 hours but can be customised to be longer and participants should expect to walk between 3 – 5 kms.  Also we need at least 3 week’s lead time for this race (as we have to make arrangements to kidnap your boss and film the ransom demand!


We can offer our popular Boss Ransom team building event practically anywhere! We can come to your office or conference space.

If you haven’t quite decided on a suitable venue for your event, don’t stress, we are here to help with that too. We have partnered with a number of great venues & would be more than happy to organise a suitable venue space for your team.

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