Corporate Mystery Race

Find and interview witnesses, follow the clues, solve the murder

Mystery Race Quick Enquiry

DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Venue


  • Duration

    1.5 hours – 2 hours typically (however we can tailor them to be longer)

  • Participants

    10 – 300+

  • Activity


Can you solve the murder?

The Corporate Mystery Race is perfect for a competitive group wanting to mix their detective skills with a team race.

A Mystery Race is part Amazing Race, part murder mystery and a fantastic way to bring a team together and bring out their competitive and collaborative nature.

The fun stuff:
So I bet you’re wondering how it all works…..well….let us explain.

Your teams will be met by our host “Detective” who will brief the teams. Fully in character, our host will explain that a murder has happened and that that the participants are part of the investigation team tasked with solving the crime.  The teams will be split and given a briefing pack with crime scene photos and clues to the descriptions and whereabouts of several witnesses. Teams must race to find the witnesses, interrogate them, gather evidence and ultimately accuse the killer.

Beware, the witnesses are not going to be standing in the street waving! Our actors are well hidden in parks, cafes and in crowds. The investigators must work hard to locate, identify and question these characters.

The mystery race can take place anywhere but works best in an urban environment.

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