Corporate Property Race

Love Monopoly? Play it on a city-wide board.

Property Race Quick Enquiry

DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Location


  • Duration

    1 hour – 6 hours (Average 1.5 – 2 hours)

  • Participants

    6 – 6000!

  • Activity

    Tailored to suit your group

Ever wanted to be a property mogul?

Our Corporate Property Race is a giant game of Monopoly, on steroids! Instead of rolling the dice and moving your piece around a board, your team physically races to the actual location!

Want to buy the Opera House? Just beat the other teams to the steps!

More physical than our Corporate Amazing Race, the winning team must come up with a strategy to visit their target properties before anyone else. If they arrive after the property has already gone, they must pay rent!

Our Property races are perfect if you are looking for a competative, dynamic & physical team building event! Brought to you by ‘Tailored Team Building’ we are the experts in creating a different kind of team bonding experience for teams wanting to get out of the boardroom & have a little fun.

The race starts in a central location, however the exact location is not released until the morning of the actual race. Our host will meet your teams, get them setup with the technology and go through the rules of the game. As the race starts, each team is given a map and a copy of the playing board. It is then completely up to the team whether they race off immediately or plan their strategy.

This event is a great activity for a physical team. It gets you outdoors and is just competitive enough to make team bonding interesting.

And the best bit is we will also happily organise your finish venue where your team can relax & enjoy fun banter over a few drinks and/or food. We have partnered with a number local venues surrounding our race courses, including pop-up picnic companies if you prefer a relaxing picnic in the park afterwards.

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