Corporate Spy Race

Gather intel, pass secret messages, stop a global attack

Spy Race Quick Enquiry

DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Location


  • Duration

    1 hour – 6 hours (Average 1.5 – 2 hours)

  • Participants

    6 – 6000!

  • Activity

    Tailored to suit your group

Challenge your Team

The Corporate Spy Race is truly a different kind of team building race. Taking place in the underworld of espionage and secret agents, the event is part Amazing Race, part escape room.

The fun stuff:
So let’s enter the secret world of spies, secret messages and a terrorist threat.

First of all we create you a countdown webpage to pass to your team. It gives your team their first instructions and some points to remember – mainly that they are undercover agents and need to remain covert. When the team meets, one of our actors will approach them and introduce themselves as their field contact and outline the current threat.

Evidence dossiers are given out and the teams must decipher the information enclosed to work out where to go and what information is needed.  Typically some of the locations will have an undercover agent (one of our actors) who they must covertly interact with, while other locations will hide hidden codes and messages to find and solve.

Once all clues have been put together the teams race back to their field officer to test the answers and unlock a key, find a solution or even disarm a bomb.

And the best bit is we will also happily organise your finish venue where your team can relax & enjoy fun banter over a few drinks and/or food. We have partnered with a number local venues in all major cities, including pop-up picnic companies if you prefer a relaxing picnic in the park afterwards.

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