Dark Dining

The ultimate dining experience

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    2 hours (can be customised)

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    10 – 100

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The ultimate sensory dining experience

Once one of your senses is taken away, will your others step up? 

Our Dark Dining experience is sure to get all your senses into overdrive. Most people eat with their eyes….eliminate this sense & elevate your taste to the next level. This is a great team building experience & will have your team talking about it for a long time afterwards.

Feel whats its like to have one of your senses taken away, while you enjoy excellent food.

The fun stuff:
So I bet you’re wondering how it all works…..well….let us explain.

This event is fully hosted, and your team will be welcomed upon arrival & shown to your seats. Your waiter will introduce themselves & bring your beverage of choice.

While blindfolded, you’ll enjoy delectable surprise dishes and feast on a curated 3-course meal without using your sight, thereby enhancing your other senses.

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