Mobile Escape Room

Time is ticking!

Mobile Escape Room Quick Enquiry

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  • Location

    Your office / boardroom

  • Duration

    1 hour, but can run multiple back to back sessions

  • Participants

    Up to 8 per session

  • Activity


Work together to escape!

Turn your boardoom, office or kitchen into a mobile escape room, complete with games master and all props and puzzles. This is a fully hosted escape game, professionally setup in your workplace, not just a board game!

The fun stuff:

This event is designed to be hosted in your workplace or a suitable room.  We can mark out an area of your office, it doesn’t need to be in a closed locked boardroom!

Your group will be met by our host, where the team will be briefed on the objectives and the time. Note, the objective may not be to “escape” but maybe to stop something from happening or discovering something.

The team will then be walked into the area of the game.  Again, a boardroom or a conference room works best but the game is designed to be played anywhere and an area of an open plan office can equally be used. We can mark out the boundaries of the game and a locked door is not needed!

Following the briefing, the team will be escorted into the game.  A large countdown clock begins its 60 minute countdown and the race is on.

We bring props that can be carried / wheeled into the area as well as some framed pictures that can either be hung / 3M tab stuck to a surface or simply propped up on a desk / against a wall. Some of the props also need wall power. We bring extension cords etc but access in needed to standard plugs.


Our mobile escape event can really be hosted anywhere there is power but works best inside. We bring all the equipment with us so we can host this team building event in your office, conference centre or private room in a local pub.