Online Hosted Murder Mystery

Can you find the killer?

Online Murder Mystery Quick Enquiry

DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Location


  • Duration

    Approx 2 hours

  • Participants

    6 – 6000!

  • Activity

    Online only

Consider yourself a modern day Sherlock Holmes?

Our Online (Virtual) hosted Murder Mystery events really are completely unique.  This isn’t a box set or point and click game, but a real murder mystery, with real live actors.

You will be given a scenario and background, then be able to examine the crime scene via our amazing 360 degree photo system.  You can walk around the crime scene, examine clues and gather evidence, ready to cross examine the witnesses and suspects.

Using a mixture of live actors, virtual walk-around photography and technology, video and a team private dossier to keep your findings private, this one-of-a-kind event is exciting and challenging.

We suggest that each person enters via their own computer (rather than multiple people around a single screen) and they use a desk top or laptop computer with a mouse, rather than a touch pad or touch screen.

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