Operator Scenario

Plan, Practice then carry out a Military-Style hostage rescue.

Operator Scenario Quick Enquiry

DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Location

    Near Canberra

  • Duration

    7 hours (plus travel) or 2 days

  • Participants

    8 – 16

  • Activity


Learn from, and operate with, experienced Security Forces operators

Immerse your team in the high adrenaline world of Special Forces. Assemble your team, learn and practice special assault and extraction techniques, working with specially train assault dogs and intelligence gathering. Plan a coordinated team assault to rescue a high value hostage.

The fun stuff: (1 day event)

Groups will be split into assault teams of 4 and given a location and time to meet (Either Sydney, Canberra or onsite) where they will be picked up and transported to the training facility. The facility is at a secret location towards Canberra and is a 2 – 3 hour drive so be prepared for an early start!

On arrival you will enter a classroom environment where you will be introduced to your instructors, complete a waiver and be kitted out into your unit uniform. (Note: wear comfortable boots, walking shoes, trainers as footwear is not provided.) You will then be briefed on a kidnapping situation that you are being put on standby to solve. In your teams you will then take part in a number of classroom based exercises to prepare for your mission.

After lunch (provided) you will put the plans from earlier into practice where your team will “walk-through / talk-through” the planned attack. With multiple teams there maybe be multiple attacks happening at the same time on a house, a bus or a car.

Once your team has practiced and refined their plan they will kit-up and proceed to the staging area ready to go. Your attack and hostage rescue, with hostiles, smoke and the assault dog bring all of your training and practice to a head. If your assaults are successful, you will be awarded your OpSce badge.

Transportation is then provided back to your drop off point.

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Want more? (2 day event)

Day one is as above with a pickup and transport, planning and practice for the hostage rescue.

At the end of day 1 your team can settle down to a military style basic accommodation and dinner around the wood burning stove. However, they shouldn’t relax too much as your team is stood-to again to recon the surrounding hills. When any threats are covertly identified, your team will withdraw and begin to plan their actions.

An early start is needed to put your plans into practice and take out the hidden threats.

Day 2 really steps up the training your team receive over both days and culminates into more complicated attacks.

Transportation is then provided back to your drop off point.

This activity is also eligible for CPD (Continued Professional Development) Points. You will receive a certificate of attainment after your event.