Trust no one!

Traitors Quick Enquiry

DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Location

    Mix of Indoor and Outdoors

  • Duration

    Approx 2 – 4 hours

  • Participants

    10 – 30

  • Activity

    Tailored to suit your group

Identify the Traitors.

Welcome to Traitors! Based on the popular TV show, Your group will complete tasks to earn gold bullion. The more you work together the more gold appears as prizes, However, amongst your group are Traitors! If any of these under cover agents are left at the end of the game, they will steal your prize!

The fun stuff:

This event can be hosted indoors or outdoors but works best with a mixture of the two. We can work with you to find a suitable venue.

Your group will be met by our host, at an initial “cocktail party” where a number of “Traitors” will be chosen by us.

The group will be set a series of tasks where they will need to work together to achieve a goal. This earns the group gold! After each short challenge, the group will relocate for a short, casual mingle, where strategies are discussed and alliances formed.

Following each mingle, the group will vote off someone they think is a traitor. The traitors will then “murder” another player. While the voted off players and the murdered players may still take part, they have no vote and are “Marked” as such.

The aim is to get rid of all the traitors so the prize can be claimed by the remaining “faithful”. This is a game of twists and turns.

We are also happy to work closely with your team before your event to tailor-make any of the tasks & can work around any theming that you may have for your team building event.


Our Traitors event can really be hosted anywhere. We bring all the equipment with us so we can host this team building event in your office, conference centre or local pub but it does work best with a joining outdoor area.

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