Winner Winner

So, how do I win the Amazing Race?

So, how do I win the Amazing Race?

This is a question we often get asked when hosting our popular Amazing Races around Australia! So I’m here to finally answer this question once & for all!!!!

Our Amazing Races are designed as team building events, with a huge emphasis on ‘team’. We have designed all our challenges & activities with this in mind, so put quite simply you will either win race as a team or lose the race as a team. All of our challenges are score based, so if your team does well & is very creative then they will score higher points. It’s not necessarily (and to be honest in most cases is not) the first team to arrive at the end who wins our races! It has been known that the last team to arrive at the end has actually taken out the bragging rights as the overall winner.

Another simple way you can win the amazing race is by bribery! Yes I said it – BRIBERY! Even though all our beautiful hosts are honest, smiley, happy people – don’t be fooled – they are also easily swayed & open to bribery (mainly of the chocolate & coffee type to be fair).

But in all honesty – the best way to win our amazing races is to work together as a team, communicate & most importantly have FUN!!!!

Do you want the opportunity to take out the bragging rights in your office? Then contact us today to book your next team building event.