Corporate Spy Race by Tailored Team Building

The Corporate Spy Race – my favourite event

I created the Corporate Spy Race ages ago but got to sit down and really develop it during the COVID lockdowns.

The concept behind The Spy Race is a cross between The Corporate Amazing Race (where teams race around their city, completing tasks and navigate from Checkpoint to Checkpoint), our Murder Mystery (where actors pose as suspects and must be interrogated to solve a crime) and an Escape Room (one of my guilty pleasures!).

I love the immersive atmosphere we can create by using actors to play a part in a wider game, and as a James Bond fan, love the concept of secret messages and clues being passed between actors and participants, in a crowded street, unknown to the wider public.

I also really enjoy the fact that navigation strategy plays a big part.  There is no set route from checkpoint A, to B, to C.  Teams can get the same information and clues, but choose to head off to completely different locations.  Ultimately all teams will visit the same actors but the order could be completely different and maybe faster depending on the planning first – much like our Corporate Property Race.

If your team are competitive, love a bit of espionage and drama, then this event is for them!