Virtual Meeting

The hybrid office


Despite a recent tweet by Elon Musk stating that the remote workers are only ‘pretending to work’, it appears that the hybrid office is here to stay. Also, at the recent Jobs & Skills Summit at the Federal Government announced that it would amend the Fair Work ACT to strengthen access to flexible working arrangements. So what does this mean for your business ??

At Tailored Team Building, we work closely with a number of businesses who are in the exact position. They have a number of staff members who are choosing to continue working from home a few days a week as appose to coming back to the office full- time. We have chatted to our clients about this as we have found it quite interesting how the workplace has changed post-COVID, and the feedback to date has been nothing but positive. Some studies have found an increase in productivity for people working from home. Team morale is higher as people have flexibility & seem to have finally won that ‘work / life balance’ battle for once. 

In saying that we are also finding a higher importance for regular & ongoing team building activities to keep the teams engaged & connected with one another. We have a number of companies that we work with that are booking in regular team bonding events which is great. It also shows the team that upper management care as they are willing to still put in the time & effort to bring the teams together, even though they aren’t working in the office full-time.

So, if you’re looking to bring your team together contact us! We can offer a load of indoor, outdoor & even virtual events for your next team building experience. Also, like many of our clients, once you have booked an event with us you will automatically join our loyalty program & receive 10% off future team building events. We call that a win / win!