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Tips To Promote Team Bonding

Everyone wants a cohesive team that communicates, works together to solve problems and supports each other to create better outcomes. But wanting your workplace to have a sense of community and cooperation is easier said than done.

The fact is that you do need to build time into your team’s schedule to focus on team building and bonding, and there are ways you can make this time more successful — depending on how you prepare and set up your team building events.

So, without further ado, here are our top five tips to promote team bonding.

  1. Make time for team building for fun’s sake

Allowing your team to bond takes time, not just time when they’re on the clock. Investing in team building activities allows the members of your organisation to work on challenges together and practice communication skills in a fun atmosphere, free from the demands and stresses of their everyday roles.

We understand that team bonding is a critical part of any work place (particularly these days), however it shouldn’t be boring! Team building should be fun & should inspire your team to want to do it.

  1. Choose inclusive activities

Once upon a time, booking a corner table at the pub was enough to tick the ‘team bonding activity’ box. But the fact is that Australian workplace culture has changed to adapt to a range of demographics and different people. That said, not everyone drinks or feels comfortable commanding a room full of strangers. While drinks on a Friday are an excellent way to socialise, they won’t build new bonds between team members who don’t already have a relationship.

By choosing an inclusive activity for your team building event, you’re allowing all team members to feel comfortable and fully participate in a shared experience.

  1. Build anticipation and encourage involvement

Choosing inclusive activities also means increasing the chance of getting everyone on the team to participate. Team bonding will work best when as many team members participate actively. And the more people feel empowered to participate, the more they’ll get out of the activity.

To encourage this active participation, try building anticipation in the weeks and days before a scheduled team bonding event. Drop hints to pique people’s interest and create excitement around the event.

  1. Create unexpected connections

We tend to be creatures of habit, which invariably means that when forming teams, we’ll stick to the people we know. Existing bonds are outstanding, but if you want to promote better connections between departments and create new connections, sorting people into teams of unlikely partnerships and with new combinations allows for new connections to be made and for the seeds of new relationships to be sewn.

Once you’ve set up these new connections, you’d be surprised at how they can grow a more cohesive team when you’re back in the office or on the job site.

  1. Outsource the day so everyone can get involved

Finally, you may be tempted to organise a team bonding day or event yourself to save money. This is one option, sure, but outsourcing the task to professionals provides two benefits: you get a fresh perspective from an expert in team bonding, and you can take part in the excitement.

Management, HR and team leaders are just as much a part of the team as everyone else. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of Tailored Team Building’s activities, book your next team building event with us!