Survivor Team Building event

Top 10 Team Building Activities In Sydney

Looking to organise a day of team building in Sydney that will actually leave your colleagues impressed? Sick of just booking a table at the pub every time you want to celebrate a milestone or network with the team?

Or maybe you’re struggling to find events for your team building that will suit a group of people with different skill and fitness levels who may not even be in the same physical space.

We get it. If you’re looking to have some fun with your team that doesn’t just revolve around alcohol and feels inclusive and fun, check out our top ten experiences for team building in Sydney that will make an impact.

  1. The Amazing Race — Loosely based on the popular TV Show, we have designed our Corporate Amazing Races with all the best parts you would expect, including checkpoint challenges, roadblocks, detours & fast forwards. This is an exciting way for your team to explore an area, and get to know each other all whilst having fun!
  1. Boss Ransom — This is one of those unforgettable activities everyone in the office will be talking about for weeks. Team members are kept in the dark about the exact details and then surprised with a ransom video from the boss. Who will solve the clues and rescue the Commander in Chief in time? Let the games begin!
  2. Corporate Survivor — Survivor has everything you would expect including tribes, tribal councils, rewards, hidden immunity idols & advantages, tribe swaps & tribal merges. We use a bunch of different challenges & tribal councils to see who will be voted the sole survivor in your team. Will you survive long enough to be able to pitch to the jury?
  1. Dark Dining — Take your senses for a spin with an unusual corporate dinner — dining in the dark! Expect to enjoy heightened taste, smell and conversation as your guests are hosted to a blindfolded feast.
  1. Corporate Olympics — Who doesn’t love getting out of the office and enjoying the great outdoors? Our Corporate Olympics event is a great all-rounder outdoor team building event. This event is suited to all ages, fitness levels & abilities. We will set up a number of stations with different activities & challenges for your team to compete against each other in a round robin style. 
  1. Film Fest — Get the creativity of your team working with your very own mini Cannes Film Festival. Teams create their own short films, and the day culminates in an awards night where the best movies will take out the top prizes. Lights, camera, action!
  1. Game Show ‘Game Show’ is our fun, cheesy & fully interactive indoor team building activity. We have combined a bunch of your favourite cheesy TV game shows to create this event, which is sure to get your team up & moving around the room & laughing the entire time.
  1. Kombi Amazing Race — We have customised our popular Amazing Race event so you can enjoy the activities & team challenges, all whilst sitting back & relaxing in the comfort of your very own chauffeur driven vintage Kombi.
  1. Murder Mystery — Do you consider yourself the next Sherlock Holmes? Will your team solve the crime to work out whodunnit in time? Our Murder Mystery parties are unique in that we use live actors during the event, not out of a box or board game.
  1. Brick Masters — Our Brick Master team building event is perfect for your team to tap into their inner child & realise their dreams of becoming a professional LEGO builder. Can you build your way to team victory?

Have your eye on one of our top 10 team building activities in Sydney? Book your own team building event online today!