Top Tips For Team Building

Top Tips for Team Building

As one of Australia’s leading Team Building companies we often get asked for some top tips for team building from our clients. Obviously there are some trade secrets that we have perfected over the years to make our clients team building events the best they can be, but here are our basic top tips for team building;

Stop overthinking team building;

Team building should be simple….so keep it that way! Don’t overthink or overcomplicate your team building. The main aim of Team Building is to get everyone together (preferably away from their desks) to have some fun, to help build relationships, communication & trust amongst the team. The more complicated you make it, the less people will enjoy it.

Make sure its FUN;

We see it all the time when we turn up in our team building shirts – people’s heads drop! But thats just not what team building should be about. Long gone are the days of passing balloons between our knees or scary trust falls. No, no, no! Mix things up, do something different. Get people out of their comfort zones (without the need to involve HR of course), as this is what they will remember. The more fun team bonding is, the more people will want to come! Simple.

Have smaller teams;

Having smaller teams in whatever team bonding activity you choose is a great idea. This will help increase the communication levels between the team members. It also means that the introverts in the group will feel comfortable enough to get involved, making sure that theres more of a team effort & input across the board. Having smaller teams will certainly increase productivity & communication between team players.

Mix up the teams;

We suggest this to all our clients when designing & planning their tailored team building event….mix up the teams. We know it sounds mean, but split up friendship groups, departments, seniority & even fitness abilities. This will ensure that you have a good mix of people & no team will get an unfair advantage over another. Besides, isn’t the whole idea to get to know someone that you don’t usually work with to help build internal relationships within the office?

Build competition;

Never be afraid of a little friendly competition!!! This is a great way to get teams working together. We are often shocked by how competitive some people / teams get…..and we love it!

Change the environment;

Probably one of the most important things is to change the environment….get out of the office! Get outdoors if you can & away from your desks. People are more comfortable doing new things if you change the environment. They will be much less tempted to quickly check their emails or answer the office phone, therefore actually investing in their team building experience.


I know we hear this alot, but it’s true! Consistency really is the key to team building. Make a point of scheduling your team building events every 6 months, or 12 months. This will give your team something to look forward to & know that its happening on a regular basis. You can switch up the activities each time & try something different each time, but make it consistent! Doing team building as a one off every few years simply won’t work. Once the team has built those relationships, they need to be maintained on a regular basis & the best way to do this is through regular team bonding sessions.

Invest in your team;

Don’t do team building in house….bring in the experts. Invest some money into your team building as this will make a massive difference in the experience. We understand that you are the experts in your field, and we are the experts in team building. We have worked very hard on getting the formula just right to create the best team bonding experience for all our clients. So why not let us help you organise your team building sessions?

Make it irresistible;

Make team building fun again so more people will actually want to be involved, rather than scheduling their annual leave or a random sick day (*cough cough*) for your next team building day. Team building should be fun! Therefore, when you make it fun, you make it irresistible for people in your team.


So…..if you are thinking about exploring the wonderful world of team building for your team – call us on 1300 662 667 and we will make sure we tick all of the boxes above to make your next team bonding session FUN!