Using public transport in your Amazing Race


At Tailored Team Building we LOOOOVVVEEEE coming up with different & unique events & challenges. To be honest, thats exactly why we called ourselves ‘Tailored Team Building’ in the first place. So we get quite excited when clients ring us wanting to include something a little different in their Amazing Races in particular. 

To date, we have designed, planned & hosted a number of our Amazing Races using public transport which adds a really cool element into your race. The feedback we have received from the clients who have elected to include public transport has been that is is very much like the TV show, which is exactly what we want to hear. We have planned races using ferries, trains, buses, Ubers, trams & also the light rail. We even designed a race for Uber themselves using a few of theirs services which was really fun. 

We have also designed a race where the teams started in Brisbane & finished on the Gold Coast, which incorporated a few different types of public transport, including the train between the two cities, with a pit stop for lunch along the way. 

We simply love taking advantage of the stunning harbour we have here in Sydney by getting our teams on the ferries to soak up the spectacular views. However, we also love using the free city tram system in Melbourne, which helps us to get the teams exploring further in Melbourne while not needing a Myki card, which is great. 

The added element of using public transport can really bring the team together & help with communication as the team will need to decide together which form of public transport they use in their race, as we may give them a few options to pick from between certain checkpoints, depending on whats available. To use Sydney as an example, we once asked the teams to make their way from Kirribilli over to the Rocks using public transport. As most of you already know, there are a few different options from Kirribilli. So we saw teams use the ferry to get across the harbour, a few teams jumped on a train to get across & one team even chose to walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge (not really public transport but thats one way to do it). It was a really fun Amazing Race & the teams really enjoyed the added challenge of figuring it the public transport during the race.

So, if you are thinking of incorporating some public transport into your amazing race we can certainly help you with this. Simply tell us where you would like to start & finish your race & we will figure out the rest.