What happens if it rains on my parade?

Even though we live in Australia & are quite lucky with the weather, most of the time….unless you live in Melbourne (sorry I had to go there). However, mother nature is unfortunately totally out of our control & so when she decides to open up the heavens the team at Tailored Team Building needs to have a back up plan….and don’t worry we do!

So what would happen if you had an outdoor team bonding event planned & booked??? Never fear, we have plans! In most cases we would still proceed with your normal outdoor event, however if the weather is more than a light sprinkle then we have a couple of options;

  1. We can postpone your outdoor event & find another suitable date (without penalty)
  2. We can source a suitable indoor event & host one of our popular indoor team building events instead

So what kind of indoor events do you offer & are they still the same level of fun…I hear you ask!?!? Well let me explain…

We have worked really hard on updating some of our popular indoor events recently & believe we have found the winning formula to keep your team engaged, interested and most importantly still having fun!


Game Show is one of our most popular indoor events & includes a number of quick, fast paced games that you remember from your favourite cheesy tv game show. Some of our games include Family Feud, minute to win it games, Project Runway & many many more.

We can host the Game Show in any style of indoor venue including your office / conference room or the local pub.




Team Bonding in Sydney

Do you consider yourself the next Brick Master? Our brick master event will help bring your inner-child out by building with ourbricks. We play a few short / fast paced rounds to get your team in the building mood, then we get the teams to work together to build a masterpiece! And Masterpiece is an understatement when it comes to some of the works of art we have seen over the years.


If you are looking for a simple, straight forward way to get your team together then our Quiz Masters is the best event for you. We can host your next trivia day or night & have a number of different categories of trivia that we include, or we can customise the rounds around your team.


So…in summary, don’t let the rain get you down. We have plenty of options to still get your team together for some really fun team building sessions.