What sets Tailored Team Building apart?


We totally understand that when people hear that they are being ‘forced’ to participate in the company’s next team building day their eyes roll to the back of their head, or they suddenly feel a cough coming on. We get it! We’ve been there. The directors here at Tailored Team Building both come from corporate backgrounds & regularly had to take part in team bonding events – which were to be honest, quite boring! 

Tailored Team Building

So when COVID-19 hit, like a lot of people out there, Jonathan & Kerri both reassessed their lives & wanted to change things up a bit. They saw a real need for fun, dynamic & unique team building events to bring teams back together for when the pandemic was over – and boy were they right! This is when Tailored Team Building was born. 

So I bet you’re asking – how is Tailored Team Building different to all the other team building companies out there???

Well, let us explain……at Tailored Team Building we understand that every team is different, therefore every team event should be tailored. One of our main points of difference is that we take the time to get to know you & your team. At the end of the day, a team building event is about YOUR TEAM not us. Once you have booked an event with us we set up a zoom call with the organiser to go through some aspects of your team which then means we can completely tailor make the event to include the games & challenges that your team is going to get the most out of. We do not believe in off-the shelf style events, there is no such thing as one size fits all in our minds. For example, no two amazing race events are the same, we have had teams come back time & time again to do amazing races & each time have said its different. Whether it be different challenges, different checkpoints, different locations or different puzzles. We will continue changing things up for you. 

Tailored Team Building

We also understand that when you are looking at booking an event which is based on a reality TV show (for example, the Amazing Race, Survivor etc) you expect a similar experience with your event. Obviously, we are unable to send your team to the airport with a boarding pass in hand…unless of your budget allows of course! However, we pride ourselves on using the same language & props similar to the tv shows as you would come to expect. Therefore your team will get a similar experience.

Our other main difference is our people! We pride ourselves on hiring the best hosts for your event. We mainly hire local actors who love getting into characters & hosting our team building events with the energy level we want. We have worked every hard to create a fun working environment for our hosts & it shows through their energy & genuine enjoyment & passion when they are hosting your next team building event. 

So….if you are looking for a team bonding event that truly is tailored to your team, contact the team at Tailored Team Building & we will be your partners in creating a really memorable team building event for you.