Virtual Team Building Screen

Virtual Team Building — why?


Well one thing we can all agree on is that the world looks & feels a little different these days. I guess a little thing like a global pandemic would have that affect. 

One thing that we have certainly noticed is that businesses are operating differently than before & at least for the moment, that looks like remaining. More & more people are still working from home, or are heading into the city / office on a roster based arrangement. This is great for work/life balance but through all this one thing has brought to the forefront of managers minds & that is team building! Team morale is hard to achieve & maintain when you’re not actually seeing anyone you work with. 

Enter tailored team buildings virtual team building activities!!! 

We work with a number of clients situated all around Australia (and globally to be fair) where their teams are spread across cities, states & even countries. We have transformed some of our popular face to face events into virtual team building events, including online game show, online amazing race, online survivor, and many more. We can also work with your team to customize an online team building event specifically for your team. We have even run online tournament’s over a number of weeks for teams. 

Put simply – we just love working with businesses to bring their people together, regardless if that’s face to face or over a computer screen in our best zoom attire (business on top, pjs & fluffy slippers on the bottom). 

So call us to chat about your next team building event!